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    Updated on Mar 23, 2019. Posted on Jul 29, 2016

    If Toddlers Had Instagram

    #TBT to... not that long ago.

    They'd Instagram their meals:

    Flickr: vancouver-bites / Via Creative Commons

    They'd, of course, post selfies:

    Flickr: mliu92 / Via Creative Commons

    They'd have fun with Throwback Thursday:

    Flickr: mysudbury-ouisudbury / Via Creative Commons

    They'd brag about vacations:

    Flickr: sterlic / Via Creative Commons

    They'd share action pics:


    They'd definitely 'gram their grandparents:

    They'd 'gram their friends too:

    Flickr: usarmyafrica / Via Creative Commons

    They'd have #goals:

    They'd get artsy:

    Flickr: ex_magician / Via Creative Commons

    They'd go filter crazy like the rest of us:

    They'd post memes:


    And like us, they'd share major life changes:

    Flickr: kevinmcgrew / Via Creative Commons

    All of them:

    Flickr: abbybatchelder / Via Creative Commons

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