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    How To Throw The Ultimate LEGO Birthday Party

    Party planning doesn't have to be as painful as stepping on a Lego brick.

    1. Make invitations using colored card stock, a one inch hole punch, and 3D foam tape.

    2. You can also download these invitation printables.

    Find them for free here.

    3. Put Lego bricks in the bathroom soap dispenser.

    4. Hang a Lego party lantern over the festivities.

    Learn how to make one here.

    5. Cover a tissue box with wrapping paper, cut a few holes, and put plastic cups in them.

    These are terrific for displaying snack foods like pretzels, candy, and more.

    6. Brighten things up with super easy Lego bunting.

    These can be made with card stock and a circle cutter (which is pretty much a must for anyone throwing a Lego party). This one can be ordered for $16.52.

    7. Transform snack food containers into Lego-rrific holders for ice, popcorn, and other goodies.

    The coolest part is that after the party these can be used to store your kid's Lego bricks. Learn how to make one here.

    8. Download a Lego birthday crown template.

    This printable is on Etsy for $4.

    9. Make utensil holders out of Lego bricks.

    10. A black marker is all you need to make dollar store bought yellow cups Lego themed.

    11. You can make your straws Lego themed, too.

    Download the free printable.

    12. Instead of turning off the TV, put on a Lego movie.

    Netflix has many Lego movies available to stream.

    13. Color garage sale frames and use them to display Lego images.

    The blue frame above is displaying the original patent for Lego, which can be downloaded here for free.

    14. Use cardboard to make a Lego photo booth.

    15. Set up a "Decorate A Mini-Figure" station.

    16. Craft a Lego piñata and fill it with candy AND Lego bricks.

    Learn how to make one here.

    17. Plastic spoons, Tupperware, and Lego bricks are all you need for this fun game.

    18. Hide Lego bricks in the backyard and have an Easter Egg-style hunt.

    19. Put a Lego twist on a classic birthday party game.

    Find the free template here.

    20. Play beanbag toss Lego style.

    Learn about this game and others here.

    21. Construct a Lego marble run to test your guests' hand-eye coordination.

    Learn how to make one here.

    22. Want a two part activity kids will love? Start by handing out "Build Your Own Race Car" kits.

    You can buy the materials for 10 Lego cars on Ebay for $39.99.

    23. Once your guests have built their cars, take them into the backyard (or another room) to race!

    24. Cover juice boxes so they look like Lego bricks.

    Find the template here.

    25. You can even make water bottles exciting with personalized labels.

    Personalize and download a template on Etsy for $5.

    26. Give cheese and crackers the Lego treatment.

    27. Make everything awesome with Lego sandwiches.

    Review the recipe for these peanut butter and honey Lego sandwiches.

    28. Lego pizza is delicious and super easy to make.

    29. Serve Lego shaped ice cubes.

    You can buy these cool trays on Etsy for $8.

    30. Blow your guests' minds with adorable Lego cake pops.

    To find the recipe click here and scroll down.

    31. You can make Lego men cake pops, too.

    Learn more here.

    32. Mmmm. Lego cookies.

    Find the recipe here.

    33. While some contend birthday cake is best, it's hard to imagine anyone complaining about these Lego cupcakes.

    Anders Ruff / Flickr: 50997200@N07 / Via Creative Commons

    34. You CAN make a really impressive cake with these molds, though.

    Flickr: markkenny

    Find them here on Amazon for $33.

    35. Put the perfect candles atop whatever you serve.

    Buy these for $9.50.

    36. Lastly, send your guests home with these Lego themed goodie bags.

    Use your circle maker to cut the circles, then affix them to colorful bags, which can be bought in a pack of thirteen here for $7.99.