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    19 Ways To Be A Better Parent Right Now

    Because "good enough" isn't.

    1. Compliment your kid more.

    2. Stop yelling so much.

    3. Be more present with your kids.

    4. Take The Mom Challenge (Dads can take it too.)

    5. Hug your kids longer.

    6. Handle it better when your kid talks back.

    7. Choose your battles.

    8. Learn infant and child CPR.

    View this video on YouTube

    The above video gives a quick lesson, but you'll be even better prepared if you sign up for a class at your local Red Cross.

    9. Help your kid to become a better reader.

    10. Discipline without spanking.

    11. Parent your kid in an age-appropriate way.

    12. Teach your kids to peacefully resolve conflicts using Paper, Rock, Scissors.

    13. Keep your relationship alive.

    14. Use the "asked and answered" technique to cut down on your kid's nagging.

    15. Stop fighting with your partner about discipline strategies.

    16. Try to see the world from your kid's perspective.

    17. Take a break.

    18. Write down three things that went right every night.

    19. Never stop trying to learn and grow as a parent.

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