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    This Is The Hottest Kid’s Costume Trend On Pinterest This Halloween

    Chances are you've pinned a couple of these low-stress DIYs yourself.

    According to data provided to BuzzFeed by Pinterest, the top trend in kid's costumes this year — out of the more than 5 million Halloween Pins — is hoodie costumes.


    This low-maintenance way to capture the cute is up 75% this year over last.

    Want to know which hoodie costumes are being Pinned the most? Here are 19 of the most popular:

    1. Shark

    2. Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

    Find tutorials for both costumes here.

    3. Flower

    4. Totoro

    5. Dinosaur

    6. Dragon

    8. Olaf from Frozen

    10. Fox

    11. Unicorn

    12. Bear

    See this idea — and a few others — here.

    13. Owl

    15. Elephant

    17. Spider

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