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    17 Christmas Jokes That Will Make You Go, "That Was Unnecessary But Funny!"

    Really stupid AND really funny.

    1. OK, we said these would be stupid.

    accioweightloss / Via

    2. But also stupid funny.

    auteurhealthandwellness / Via

    3. Oh, look! A lovely (Chris) Pine tree.

    revolutionary.rogue / Via

    Wocka, wocka, wocka.

    4. This one is way too relatable.

    lionessdreamz / Via

    5. And this one...well, it's just wrong.

    kev_scanlan / Via

    6. Wow, this one is pretty darn wrong too.

    thatswhatshesaidgame / Via

    7. OK, let's wash away all that wrongness with this sweet joke from someone's mom.

    mel_mctamney_ / Via

    8. And in case you're still feeling icky, here's another cute one.

    homecoffeesouth / Via

    9. This one is priceless.

    lgorowski / Via

    You hate me now, don't you?

    10. Did you know Christmas is a hard time for Batman?

    buffy_malone / Via

    11. It's a hard time for this ornament too.

    wildandfreerange / Via

    12. Have you been waiting for a gingerbread joke? No? Well, tough shit.

    dankest__memester / Via

    13. Here's another one!

    themrsfraley / Via

    14. This one proves texting is hard with twigs for hands.

    ambiebam_yoga / Via

    15. And this one will make you groan, laugh, and then groan again.

    paulawethington / Via

    16. This one re-imagines the three wise men, infomercial style.

    nicolembjenkins / Via

    17. And lastly, this one is a heartwarming Christmas greeting from your lawyer.

    zoran_pomorandza / Via

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