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    Hilary And Haylie Duff Are Moms Now And Here’s What They Have To Say About It

    Life without kids is so yesterday.

    Celebrity sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff are now both mothers — Hilary is mom to her 3-year-old son, Luca, and Haylie welcomed her daughter, Ryan, this May.

    Macey Foronda / Via BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed Life recently sat down with the sisters to discuss their participation in Similac’s Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign called Sisterhood Unite — which addresses the problem of judgment among parents — as well as what it's like surviving blowout diapers, mastering the "mom look," and which kids show character annoys them the most.

    Have you personally experienced parent judgment?

    Hilary: "Sometimes the stuff closest to home — with a girlfriend or a family member — you take really personally and it can hurt, you know? But some of the first times I felt judgment were after six months of breastfeeding my child and starting to supplement him formula. A lot of people are super judgmental about your birth plan, or the way you decide to feed your baby, or what kind of stroller you buy."

    Haylie: "It starts with you, too, you know? I think the thing that affected me the most about watching the "Real Parents, Real Judgment" video is that you realize you have to hold yourself accountable for the judgment you're putting out toward other parents as well. You're not just asking people to not judge you, it's you being responsible for the judgment you're putting out too."

    The funny thing with parent judgment is that even the most know-it-all parent has had a parent fail moment or two. What are yours?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams / Via BuzzFeed

    Haylie: "I had one the day after my daughter was born at our first appointment with the pediatrician. We got there on time and felt really good about it. We were like, “We’re such good parents! We are really doing this!" And then the nurse said, 'OK, change her diaper and then we’ll meet you in the office.' And we looked at each other and realized we’d left the house without the diaper bag. We were like, 'What? We don’t have another diaper! What are we going to do?'”

    Hilary: "No!"

    Haylie: "My husband was like, 'We failed this mission!' We did. But the next time we really killed it. We had an extra diaper and a change of clothes. But yeah…day one."

    Speaking of blowout diapers, what's your worst "blowout" story?

    Haylie: "I was convinced my daughter wasn't going to have those and Hilary was like, 'You just wait,' and then literally that afternoon we had one. We have a place in Malibu and had packed everyone and the dogs into the car, ready to leave, when a big blowout occurred. I just stripped her down, rinsed her in the sink, and let her ride home in a diaper. Because everything was packed!"

    Hilary: "I have one worse than that. I was flying to New York with Luca, and he had an extra outfit, but I didn't. That was an interesting last hour and a half of the plane ride. He was clean, he was good… I wasn't. So I've shoved an extra T-shirt into my bag ever since."

    Which of you is most likely to teach your kids how to throw a punch?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams / Via BuzzFeed

    Both agree — it's Hilary.

    Hilary, do you have any tricks to get your 3-year-old son, Luca, to eat?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams / Via BuzzFeed

    Hilary: "Bribery is big in my family. I just want him to try stuff, so I can be quite forceful if I have to. I don’t really put up with him saying he’s disgusted by the way it looks or something like that, because he does eat a wide variety of food. Sometimes people are like, 'What? He like anchovies?' So I’m trying to explain to him that things aren’t always what they seem."

    What is Hilary's best quality as a parent?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams / Via BuzzFeed

    Hilary wrote: "Playful"

    Haylie wrote: "Relating to Luca and understanding his feelings"

    What is Haylie's best quality as a parent?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams / Via BuzzFeed

    Hilary wrote: "Adapting to motherhood very easily and with humor"

    Haylie wrote: "Selfless love"

    When it comes to kids' birthday parties, are you Team Cake or Team Cupcake?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams

    Hilary wrote: Team cupcake

    Haylie wrote: Team cupcake/cake

    Haylie, explaining cupcake/cake: "For Luca’s birthday we found a bakery that made a huge car from Cars, which is what he loves, but the cool thing was the whole cake was made out of cupcakes."

    Hilary: "The frosting on top looked like one cake, but then the cupcakes just broke apart. There was no slicing, no waiting for plates of cakes to be passed around, and the portions weren't too big."

    Can you give us your best "mom look," Hilary?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams / Via BuzzFeed

    How about you, Haylie?

    Macey Foronda and Jenna Williams / Via BuzzFeed
    1. OK, readers, this question is for you: Who has the best mom look?

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    What's the most annoying character on a kids show?

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    Hilary: "I don’t want to blast anybody, but I’m going to tell you the truth — I’m not a huge Caillou fan. He's a big wimp."

    BuzzFeed agrees with Hilary!

    A recent BuzzFeed Life survey asked parents the ages they think their kids should be allowed to do things, like go to the mall alone. Got an opinion on that one?

    Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

    Haylie: "This is one of those things where every parent's answer is going to be different —"

    Hilary: "Depending on who their kid is."

    Haylie: "Yeah, it kind of goes back to the whole 'not judging other parents' decisions.' One kid might be really responsible and trustworthy by 11, while you might have a 13-year-old where you're like, 'Do not leave this house!'"

    Hilary: "I think 13 sounds appropriate."

    The majority of BuzzFeed readers — 60% — agreed with Hilary!

    Do you think the internet has made parenting judging worse?

    Haylie: "I do. It was interesting because when we first started working with Similac they sent us some statistics, and some of the highest percentage of mothers who felt judgment were the ones who used social media."

    Hilary: "Yeah, it's crazy. There's been times in the middle of the night when Luca is burning up and I can't get the thermometer to read the same thing, so I go on the internet to ask questions, and you see the conversation just drifts off and gets really mean.

    "It's much easier to bully over the internet as opposed to face-to-face, but there's been plenty of times in outings at school or wherever where parents have been way too judgmental and you can feel it. You've said one thing wrong and it's different from what they do and that's really what we want to change, for people to be more aware."

    What is the appropriate way to respond to someone who openly disagrees with your parenting?"

    Hilary: "People should be responsible for their own family. It's as simple as that. It's like, this is your child and you can raise them how it's working best for you and your significant other."

    Haylie: "And if all else fails you can always pull a nice Southern lady move and say, 'Isn't that special?'"

    To join the conversation, visit and share what you will do to stop the Mommy Wars with #SisterhoodUnite.