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    25 Hilariously Optimistic People Who Found The Humor In Really Crappy Situations

    When life gives you rancid, spoiled lemons, make...

    Things aren't great right now, so it can be more than a little hard to keep a positive outlook.

    But sometimes a good way to keep from being overwhelmed by the suckiness of it all — at least in your own day-to-day life — is by looking for the humor in things. For example...

    1. You could get mad that people keep hitting their heads walking down your stairs...or you could have fun with it and hang this as a warning.

    a picture of a duck hanging above a low ceiling

    2. You could blow a gasket over the fact the guys fixing your car are watching a tutorial — on how to fix a car!!! — or you could laugh at it!

    two people watching a video on a phone while they fix a car

    3. You could let your day be ruined by how your homemade pizza dough turned out, or you could say, "This is the breast thing I ever made!"

    pizza dough in a dome

    4. You could explode at your teenage son for endlessly drawing penises on your car, or you could get the last laugh with this birthday cake.

    5. You have a choice in life — you could get annoyed by the speed bumps on the road in Norway, or you could appreciate their word for speed bumps. Like seriously, read it out loud.

    a sign that says fartsdumper

    6. You could rage (and worry) upon discovering this under the carpets of your newly purchased home, or you could say, "Well, this will make a good anecdote!"

    a pentacle burned into the wood floor

    7. You could be overly serious in life, sure, but you could also be a little silly — or even better — a little silly with your doggo.

    a dog with a sign that says, stop breaking treats in half and calling it two treats

    8. You could get irrationally angry at your kid's inability to put spaces between words, or you could enjoy the comedy it creates.

    the sentence looks like it says, yes the penis

    9. You could flip out when you realize that putting on your lipstick before brushing your teeth is a mistake, or you could laugh...because look at that toothbrush, lol.

    toothbrush looks bloody

    10. You could be angry at your forgetful partner, or — assuming they're a good person despite their forgetfulness — get a cake to celebrate your anniversary like this.

    a cake that says you forgot again

    11. Similarly, you could be down in the dumps over the one-year anniversary of your divorce, or you could grab a slice of this.

    a cake that says she gone

    12. You could let anti-vax nonsense ruin your day, or you could turn your feelings into a hilarious Halloween costume that doubles as a protest of sorts.

    a person with a sign that says fax machines kill

    13. You could let the harsh world turn you more dour by the hour, or you could stay childish at heart and drop into the mail a ridiculous letter like this for a friend.

    stationary with the word bitch in the middle

    14. You could fume upon seeing this sign on your local fast food drive-thru window, or you could laugh at the absurdity of it all.

    a sign that says everyone quit

    15. On the flip side, if you work at a drive-thru you could get really annoyed by your customers, or you could have a little fun with the situation.

    a marquee that says, can i get uhhhh

    16. If you wait tables, you could let out a Marge Simpson-style "Mmmm" when you see you this, or you could smile because it is pretty funny.

    the tip line says math and the total amount says $50 on a $42.17 tab

    17. You could quietly steam over the fact your nephew evaded you for a good half hour playing hide and seek, or you could step back and laugh at his genius hiding spot.

    a kid hiding in the coat rack

    18. You could groan when this cup is set down on your table and think, why do I have such a weird barista? or you could think, Dog pooping latte? That's funny!

    19. You could roll your eyes all the way around at how much the world is fixed against those of us not born on third base, or you could read this and just go... WTF, LOLOLOL.

    a review saying the job interview was easy because the dad knew the CEO

    20. You could be annoyed that your teacher sent you this passive-aggressive note, or you could think, least they have a sense of humor and obviously care about the class!

    a professor saying the person beat the record for being late to class

    21. You could easily fixate on all of the bad people in the world, or you could try to be thankful for the wonderful weirdos out the guy at a festival who handed out these little "bags of coke."

    a tiny coke bottle in a tiny plastic bag

    22. You could curse the store for not having any adult birthday cards for your 29-year-old brother, or you could make the most of the situation and turn it into comedy gold.

    23. You could wail, "Does no one re-read anything they write anymore?" or you could say, "Thank you, dear sign maker! Your shoddy work made me a smile!"

    a sign that reads that people can injure kids and elderly people

    24. You could be mortified that someone sent you this prank mailer, or you could belly laugh and plot your own prank as revenge!

    the package says panty inhales, daddy's dirty panties

    25. And lastly, you could get annoyed that your dog will only go out in the rain with this ridiculous trash bag/rain coat contraption on, or you could step back and think, How lucky am I to have this ridiculous little cutie in my life?

    a dog wearing a plastic store bag