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    23 Absolutely Hilarious Parents, And Honestly I Can't Say Who Is The Funniest

    Their kids have no idea what they're up against.

    1. The parent who told their daughter this "whale" was about to close its mouth, lol:

    2. And the parent who waited...and waited...for their daughter to finish her homework:

    3. The parent who found a clever way to get their kids off their damn devices:

    4. The mom who trolled her daughter who hates it when her sandwiches aren't cut evenly:

    5. The parent who "came through" when their kid asked for a 3DS:

    6. And the parent who "came through" when their kid asked for a Nintendo Switch:

    7. The parent who — for some reason — found this Yoda their daughter made very funny:

    8. And the parent who was never happier to realize that they were looking at their kid's creation upside down:

    9. The parent who saw the humor in this unintended photo and shared it with the world:

    10. The parent who found the cruelest way to get their kids out of bed in the morning:

    11. This mom who proved just how accurate her kid's drawing was of her:

    12. The parents whose kid cried upon meeting Santa — so they joined in:

    13. And the parent whose kid was obsessed with getting the biggest gift at the holidays, so they gifted them this itty-bitty one:

    14. The new dad who decided to bring his baby home while dressed "full dad":

    15. The dad who ate vanilla pudding out of a mayonnaise jar, thoroughly disgusting his children:

    16. The parent who taught their kids how to make snow angels, but forgot the "on your back" part:

    17. The dad who came up with a plan for his kids to stop losing the remotes:

    18. The dad who sent his wife this photo when she asked how he was doing home alone with their triplets:

    19. The parents who have kept their son's kindergarten picture framed in their home for 20 years because he hates it...and because it's just plain funny:

    20. The parents who told their kids they used to have a brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking a bath — and even put a photo of him in the family photo album:

    21. The parents who had cross-stitched lyrics from a DMX song in their home:

    22. The parent who put an elaborate — and epic — dad joke on their kid's lunch bag:

    23. And the proud parents of "a great kid that is sometimes an asshole and that's OK":