37 Tweets About Food That Went Viral Because They're That Funny

    Food has no right being this funny.

    1. Behold, the most relatable tweet on the internet:

    me: i’ll make omelette *flips the omelette* me: i’ll make scrambled egg

    Twitter: @m3aruf

    2. This one is pretty damn relatable too:

    What should I eat tonight ……. The groceries i spent $100 on or order in pad thai for the 5th time this week?

    Twitter: @ColIegeStudent

    3. Don't you hate (er, love) it when this happens?

    Darn it! I was trying to fix a salad and it came out as a peach cobbler again!

    Twitter: @nfloyd52

    4. "Have kids," they said. "It'll be fun," they said...:

    asked my 5-year-old what she wanted for dinner and she said “not a burned quesadilla” bc in the summer of 2019 I overcooked one side of her quesadilla

    Twitter: @toddedillard

    5. Here's hoping he didn't order a wet burrito:

    Twitter: @danielhowell

    6. That must've been one helluva a burrito:

    I ate that burrito so fast I'm worried it's just gonna come out whole.

    Twitter: @hankgreen

    7. I want to know the answer to this too:

    What is the psychology behind folks desire to leave the tails on shrimp in pasta ? 😭

    Twitter: @curlybeviie

    8. Having lived through the '80s, I can confirm this:

    For about three straight years in the late 1980s, the only dinner eaten in America was spaghetti and meatballs, supermarket garlic bread, and an iceberg lettuce salad.

    Twitter: @KenJennings

    9. I love sushi so I'm just gonna nod along to this one:

    doesn’t sushi technically get cooked in ur stomach acid

    Twitter: @sarahlugor

    10. Hummus...we thank you:

    the way hummus is singlehandedly carrying all us through our 20s... i know she tired

    Twitter: @shutupaida

    11. Dreams do come true, folks:

    I just made a triple stack quesadilla. Just wanted you all to know. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

    Twitter: @BasicallyIDoWrk

    12. Bold food opinion #1:

    ppl who eat sweet potato fries are doing it for attention

    Twitter: @emogangbanger

    13. Bold food opinion #2:

    If the chocolate chip cookie doesn’t look like it might give me salmonella I don’t want it

    Twitter: @JoeyMulinaro

    14. Bold food opinion #3

    grilled cheese is a lie, the bread is grilled. grill the cheese, coward.

    Twitter: @egoraptor

    15. And bold food opinion #4:

    Fajitas are just tacos for people who crave attention

    Twitter: @DrakeGatsby

    16. I once saw a vending machine in Texas that dispensed nothing but full-sized pecan pies, but this is just as unforgettable:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the 24-hour cheese vending machine, for all your fondue and raclette needs. People of Switzerland, please come up to the stage and take a bow.

    Twitter: @alastairi

    17. LOL, it was a different time:

    Sliced bread was invented in 1928. People in 1927:

    Twitter: @NoContextBrits

    18. Can we get this idea onto a ballot somewhere and passed into law?

    they should give you bread before stuff everywhere, not just at restaurants

    Twitter: @amore_orless

    19. Speaking of premeal bread:

    @sIicksista Me at the table waiting for them to bring my bread:

    Twitter: @KingHyde12

    20. Well played, genie:

    genie: you get 3 wishes me: i want a swimming pool filled with guacamole genie: done. you have 1 wish left me: wait i thought i had 2 genie: guac is extra

    Twitter: @PleaseBeGneiss

    21. Sometimes, mistakes are made in the kitchen, exhibit A:

    I forgot to put water in my ramen

    Twitter: @willztwt

    22. Exhibit B:

    six year anniversary of me falling asleep with a frozen pizza in the oven and waking up to this

    Twitter: @gabebergado

    23. And exhibit C:

    throwback to the time i thought the pakora batter in the fridge was waffle batter so i ended up having a pakora waffle

    Twitter: @sahar_bear

    24. It's sort of like when 5-year-olds ask for "peanuts":

    Hats off to the waiter that kept a straight face as my 5yo ordered the vagina for lunch instead of the lasagna.

    Twitter: @pro_worrier_

    25. I'm team tomato, but...:

    H0W TO EAT A BURGER Step 1: Open bun and remove tomatoe slice

    Twitter: @Hlubi_Stone

    26. I'm also team pineapple:

    "Pineapples dont belong on" is that a mf cheeseburger ?!


    27. OK, yuck it up, but have you melted it on a burger?

    calling this "american cheese" is such a self-own

    Twitter: @SenorTren

    28. If you eat your steak well done, you might want to skip this one:

    I’m not going to dinner with people who eat well done steak no more. Y’all be shaking the whole fucking table tryna cut a hockey puck 😒

    Twitter: @LocdWithNessa

    29. Now there is an idea:

    Twitter: @Mark_Dubs

    30. No lies detected:

    A Caesar salad gon do what needs to be done everytime

    Twitter: @rysice

    31. They're definitely not ok:

    U ok baby? You’ve barely touched your frog sushi

    Twitter: @samkitty444

    32. Sorry, dad:

    Lmfao my dad just cussed me clean out cause i said i was making pancakes and put this on his plate. 😭

    Twitter: @AyyAmbs

    33. There is too much truth in this one:

    Grilled cheese is made by burning one side and then nervously undercooking the other.

    Twitter: @curlycomedy

    34. In fairness, these are never easy to fit in the fridge:

    “Honey, put the pizza in the fridge before you go to bed.”

    Twitter: @anylaurie16

    35. Reporting for duty, sir:

    I would go to war for chicken tikka masala with a side of garlic naan. Do not test me on this

    Twitter: @danabeers

    36. Enough has definitely been said, Lana:

    Here’s the thing: I could absolutely go and work out... OR I could eat the quiche in my fridge and lay down... I feel like enough has been said?

    Twitter: @lanacondor

    37. And lastly, I agree with this tweet 100,000,000%:

    Twitter: @rebelleflowerr_