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    17 Dad Hacks That Are Actually Kind Of Hilarious

    Dad brains aren't like normal brains.

    1. This dad who was short a corn skewer, so he fashioned one out of a pen cap.

    2. This dad who found a non-back-breaking way to give his kid a boost on the tricycle.

    3. And this dad who got a nap by challenging his kids to draw him sleeping.

    4. This dad who — when his kid said they didn't want to eat chicken and noodles — put them together to create tiny chicken tacos...which his kid DID want to eat.

    5. This dad who tethered the family remotes to the coffee table so they wouldn't get lost.

    6. This dad who figured out how to make his sick kiddo excited about drinking Pedialyte.

    7. This dad who found a way to quickly cool his kiddo's food in the car.

    8. This dad who didn't trust his kids to play with real money, so he created "daddy dollars."

    9. This dad who found a way to make his kid's noisy toys just a tad less noisy.

    10. And this dad who turned a frozen pepperoni pizza into a cheese pizza for his kid (and a big-time pepperoni lover's pizza for himself).

    11. This dad who came up with the ultimate deterrent to touching the thermostat.

    12. This dad who realized toddler shoes make excellent drink holders.

    13. And this dad who sneaked his remaining sangria out of a restaurant in his kid's cup.

    14. This dad who used a fried potato to get his kid to eat peas.

    15. This dad who kept his kids busy for hours with this clever "don't upend the egg!" obstacle course.

    16. This dad who was out of Band-Aids, so he used a diaper in a pinch.

    17. And this dad who found the ultimate way to stop people from stealing his coffee creamer at work.