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    19 Hilariously Misbehaving Baristas At The End Of Their Ropes

    They roast coffee and customers.

    1. The barista who didn't have time for cutesy requests like "surprise me":

    I asked for the barista to "surprise me" from firstworldanarchists

    2. The barista whose "FW" for "flat white" on this lid looks suspiciously like a penis:

    That moment you realise it says FW for flat white and your barista has NOT drawn a dick and balls on your coffee lid from funny

    3. The barista who responded like this after a customer asked for their coffee "very decaf" because they have a caffeine allergy:

    Told my Starbucks barista to make my coffee "very decaf" because I have a caffeine allergy. She reponded with this: from funny

    It reads: "Wow, such decaf, much allergy."

    4. The barista who did this after a customer stammered "Uh" before saying their name:

    When you pause and say "uh" when they ask your name at Starbuck from funny

    5. The barista who messed around with a customer who said their name was "Marc with a 'c'":

    If you didn't already know, Baristas are above the law. from firstworldanarchists

    6. The barista who took the trolling even further when a customer said they were "Bryan with a 'y'":

    I think my barista is trolling me. from funny

    7. The barista who didn't even bother to ask this person for their name and just called them "Batman":

    Barista wrote Batman on Starbucks cup instead of asking for my name. from mildlyinteresting

    8. And the got-to-be-trolling barista who served an order of a water and banana like this:

    At Starbucks, a barista interpreted my order for a banana and water by putting the banana into the water. from mildlyinteresting

    9. The barista who proudly posted this testament to their lack of interest:

    Barista review proudly on display at Starbucks from funny

    10. The barista who decided to shoot their shot:

    The barista did this to her coffee from funny

    11. The barista who sent this customer a subtle message:

    Think my barista is trying to tell me something from funny

    12. This barista who is at the end of her rope after dealing with customers:

    Frustrated Starbucks Barista from perfectlycutscreams

    13. The barista who β€” in the nicest way possible β€” made it clear that if the drink was wrong, it was NOT their fault:

    After spending 5 minutes trying to describe the drink my GF wanted from Starbucks after I forgot the name, the barista handed me this note to give to my GF. from funny

    14. The barista who had no idea how to spell a customer's name and didn't bother trying:

    I appreciate the honesty, barista.. from funny

    It reads: "I'm out of it and couldn't spell your name. I'm really sorry."

    15. The fed-up barista who was told to make a sign, so they did this:

    Coffee shop baristas get it from firstworldanarchists

    16. The barista who was asked to "make up a name," so they wrote "Snazzdrizzle the Dragon Slayer and Goat Herder of Watoo":

    A friend went to Starbucks and told the barista to make up a name. She was certainly not disappointed. from funny

    17. The barista who ensured this customer would get a weird look every time they sipped their coffee:

    Nice troll from Starbucks this AM. No wonder my boss kept staring at me. from funny

    18. The baristas who subtly called out rude customers:

    got our plexiglass in so we decided to decorate it a bit.. 🐠 from starbucks

    19. And these baristas who put up this sign because, yes, customers CAN be this clueless:

    Spotted at my local store today from starbucks

    Basically, these baristas are like: