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    23 WTF-Inducing Photos That Raise A LOT Of Questions That Demand Answers

    "Why?" but also, "Why?" and most importantly, "WHY?"

    1. Why would you drive a car without a steering wheel? But if for some reason you DID have to drive a car without a steering wheel, why would you eat pizza while doing it?

    2. Why would you deliver a pizza with a giant-ass footprint on the inside of the box? And why would you eat it if it were delivered to you?

    Eating the pizza is definitely more understandable than delivering it, but still...I don't know how anyone could enjoy those slices knowing it came from that box!

    3. Why would you jerry-rig this contraption without thinking, "Gee, I wonder if this might burn down the whole damn building?"

    4. Why would you do drugs on a baby-changing station?

    5. Why would you — ugh — lick elevator buttons?

    6. Why would you miss the birth of your first child to see a hockey game? And, uh, for those seats too?

    And don't say, "But it was the Stanley Cup!" My advice to this guy, from one dad to another, is to burn this photo and try to scrub it from the internet before your kid is old enough to find it.

    7. Why — and I mean WHY — would you keep sticking your chewed-up gum on your windshield like this?!?!

    Don't you, at some point, want another human being to ride in the car with you?

    8. Why would you return a rental car with all this junk in it?

    9. Why would you order this cake for a bachelorette party? It's a bit much, don't you think?

    10. And why would you return a bridal shower card with this advice?

    11. Why would you test out this brush and then hang it back up?! I mean, shouldn't you have at least pulled out the hair?

    12. Why would you throw away your sex doll at a gas station? In this position? Just...why?

    13. Why would you use a gun in your pregnancy announcement?

    14. Look, I applaud you for getting vaccinated, ma'am, and I don't want to sound like a pearl-clutching old-timer, but why would you wear that on a casual trip to the store?

    15. Same for you, bro: Is this really the energy you want to be putting out into the world?

    16. Why would you hoard this fan all for yourself?

    17. Why oh why would you cook what looks like some tasty food in this toilet?

    18. Why would you be such an asshole and leave a tip like this?

    19. And why would you be such an asshole to swap out vegetarian food with meat? Also, a related question: Who hurt you and made you this way?

    20. Why would you call your car "ol' blue balls"? What are you hoping people take from that?

    21. And why would you give your car breasts? Who exactly do you think it's impressing? 

    22. And why would you steal someone's wheelchair? Are you trying to make a reservation in hell?

    23. Lastly, why are you NO GOOD, FILTHY MONSTERS throwing things at Barry? Do you want me to hunt you down like Liam Neeson in Taken? Because if you keep messing with Barry I will!

    H/T: r/trashy