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    31 Halloween Tweets From 2021 That Went Viral This Week

    A holiday as scary as Halloween shouldn't be this funny, you know?

    1. This tweet has an important warning for parents, LOL:

    y’all make sure to check your kids candy this halloween. my son came home with lil nas x’s debut album “montero” in his lollipop

    Twitter: @mschunti

    2. While this one made an undoubtedly dead-on prediction of what Halloween will be like this year:

    Halloween in 2021 be like : #SquitGame #Halloween

    Twitter: @Lfcqueen21

    3. You've probably seen those red flag tweets blowing up on Twitter — here's the Halloween one:

    “i don’t really like halloween” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

    Twitter: @VinMan17

    4. As a parent who is guilty of trick-or-treating with a baby in the past, I have to admit this tweet is hilarious:

    People get upset when teenagers trick or treat but the real problem are moms with infants. We know dang good and well Susan that lil Emery isn’t eating milk duds.

    Twitter: @southernsass81

    5. Man, the sexy costumes really went for it this year:

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet

    6. This tweet is actually surprisingly inspiring:

    If you ever feel like you missed your chance in life, just remember that Hocus Pocus, a Halloween movie, was released in July, no one saw it, and now 20 years later every drag queen is dressed like Bette Midler from Labor Day to Thanksgiving Eve. Your time is coming beloved 🖤

    Twitter: @oureric

    7. And this tweet is too funny even if you've never been to Canada:

    halloween hit different as a kid in canada, frozen half rotted pumpkins and a neon winter coat over our costumes what the hell were we even doing

    Twitter: @SvnSxty

    8. People are tweeting about some of this year's A+ decorations, like this super-scary one:

    Going all out for Halloween 🎃 Wonder what the neighborhood thinks😱🙀😳🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

    Twitter: @kittyLuvsHorror

    9. Gotta love the creativity on this one:

    Twitter: @CryptTV

    10. And this one, well, it SCREAMS 2021:

    Just finished putting up my Halloween decorations:

    Twitter: @Roshan_Rinaldi

    11. Meanwhile, this decoration in stores paid literally no mind to actual anatomy:

    This is probably one of the most scientifically inaccurate Halloween decorations I've seen.

    Twitter: @RonKichurchak

    12. This person has GOALS for Halloween, ha:

    stop asking me what ima be for halloween ima be high

    Twitter: @4kbri

    13. Ditto for this person:

    “what you tryna be for halloween” the love of ur life

    Twitter: @777jorgeivan

    14. I'd like to cosign this tweet:

    Everyone talks about how bad social media is for your mental health but what about seeing Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween?

    Twitter: @SHEsus__Christ

    15. Following up on #14:

    when i see christmas decorations out before halloween

    Twitter: @adamgreattweet

    16. LOL...they tried:

    "It's cool guys, I came up with a name for our Christian Halloween"

    Twitter: @dansinker

    17. This tweet makes a strong argument:

    Nowhere in the Monster Mash does it mention Halloween. Zero reason to not blast it year-round.

    Twitter: @mikescollins

    18. Speaking of...:

    Twitter: @FredTaming

    19. The last tweet called back to the greatest Halloween tweet ever; this one give props to the greatest pumpkin:

    Twitter: @ThatEricAlper

    20. This sounds right if you don't think on it too hard, LOL:

    Halloween was created by dentists to sell more teeth.

    Twitter: @SUEtheTrex

    21. Damn, this one is cold but...true for a lot of folk:

    Halloween is that one time a year people get to dress like the monsters they've been all year.

    Twitter: @LucifersTweetz

    22. Bow before the power of the pregnant on Halloween:

    If you're pregnant on Halloween, you basically are twice as powerful as everyone else because you have double the skeletons inside of you.

    Twitter: @justicearman

    23. Extra points for convincing your 5-year-old to say this:

    If anyone asks what your plans are for Halloween, look earnestly at the sky & say "reaching my final form."

    Twitter: @DothTheDoth

    24. OK, time for some animal tweets. One about a doggo:

    And the award for best Halloween dog costume goes to...🤣🤣🤣

    Twitter: @RexChapman

    25. And one about the cutest kitty ever:

    Twitter: @Caroline011x

    26. This Halloween-themed pizza might not be for everyone:

    My Halloween themed pizza turned out great 😋

    Twitter: @Sniping_Soup

    27. Having seen some of those "spooky sex" tweets looking for tweets for this post, I second this wholeheartedly:

    stop talking about "spooky sex" for Halloween just eat some candy like a normal person

    Twitter: @CrypticNoHoes

    28. Show me you're not secure in your sexuality without telling me:

    when you need to make sure everyone knows your halloween decorations aren’t gay so you give the girl skeleton breasts

    Twitter: @mattxiv

    29. Ha, asking for a friend:

    How long do you have to be dead inside before a Spirit Halloween moves in?

    Twitter: @MedusaOusa

    30. Harsh, but fair:

    Spirit Halloween when they see an abandoned shopping center

    Twitter: @mayyomamii

    31. And finally, this tweet throws it back to when Florence Pugh dressed up as her Midsommar character for Halloween, and — while I don't know her — I gotta believe she is a lot of fun IRL after seeing this:

    florence pugh dressing up as dani ardor from ‘midsommar’ for halloween

    Twitter: @badpostpugh

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