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    21 Shocking Events In Movie History That Are All But Forgotten Today

    You: "Hollywood is weird." This list: "Hold my cosmo."

    1. A young Melanie Griffith was clawed across the face by a lion and nearly lost an eye while filming Roar, a movie costarring 70+ untrained lions that injured nearly 100 cast and crew members.

    Blood drips down a young Melanie Griffith's face

    2. An 18-year-old screenwriting “wunderkind” signed a six-figure writing deal before it was discovered she was actually a 32-year-old actor masquerading as a teen.

    Riley Weston posing as teen on the set of Felicity

    3. Disney originally pressured Pixar to make Toy Story 2 a direct-to-video release.

    The posters of all four toy story movies

    4. Divine Rapture, a film about miracles in a small 1950s Irish community starring Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, and Debra Winger, filmed for two weeks before production shut down when it was revealed the financiers had a nonexistent escrow account.

    Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp side-by-side in the doomed production

    5. A Chinese billionaire spent $140 million making a 3D action-adventure fantasy film, but things went so poorly it was never released.

    The film's poster

    6. Writer/director John Hughes wrote the screenplay for Home Alone in just nine days — and the last 44 pages in just eight hours — after a stressful family trip to Europe that left him thinking, "What if one of my kids has been accidentally left behind at home?"

    John Hughes with very '80s hair and glasses

    7. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial almost had a sequel entitled E.T.: Nocturnal Fears.

    A photo of ET

    8. Adrienne Shelly had just made the jump from actor to A-list writer/director thanks to her hit comedy Waitress when she was assumed to have committed suicide — but, in fact, was tragically murdered.

    Shelly playing a Waitress in her film Waitress

    9. Sonic the Hedgehog made $5 million dollars worth of revisions after the first online trailer for the film was met with absolutely scathing feedback.

    Side-by-side photos of Sonic before and after revisions

    10. Tupac Shakur — who had been a Star Wars fan since childhood — auditioned with George Lucas for a role as a Jedi in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace before his death.

    Tupac side by side with Sam Jackson in Star Wars

    11. Jean-Claude Van Damme played the title character in Predator — briefly — before being replaced by Kevin Peter Hall.

    Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport next to a photo of The Predator

    12. When Bruce Lee died before the completion of Game of Death, the producers scrambled to finish the film using stand-ins for Lee's character obscured by large sunglasses and, appallingly, even incorporated newsreel footage of Lee in his casket from his funeral.

    Bruce Lee fighting Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in blood sport

    13. Grace Kelly was one of the world's biggest movie stars (and an Academy Award winner) when she walked away from it all at age 26 to marry Monaco's Prince Rainier III and become a princess.

    Grace Kelly at her wedding to Prince Rainer

    14. Steven Seagal attacked costar John Leguizamo during a rehearsal for their film Executive Decision and instigated some serious bad blood between the two.

    Seagal and Leguizamo side by side

    15. So many cast members of the Poltergeist films died that rumors spread that the production was cursed.

    The image of Carol Anne touching a TV playing static from the film's poster

    16. Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas had to be re-cut after people angrily stormed out of a test screening.

    Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci in the film

    17. The executive who bought The Sixth Sense screenplay for Disney ended up losing his job over the purchase.

    Bruce Willis and Hayley Joel Osmond in the sixth sense

    18. John Candy filmed one of his most iconic scenes in Splash drunk after a run-in with Jack Nicholson.

    John Candy in splash's famous racquetball scene

    19. 1972's Pink Flamingos had the tagline "An exercise in bad taste," and it wasn't kidding. The film featured Divine performing oral sex on the actor portraying her son in the movie.

    Divine pulling at the pants of her character's son in the film

    20. Alec Baldwin — the original Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October — claims Harrison Ford stole the role in the sequels out from under him, and he is still red hot about it today.

    Baldwin and Ford each as Jack Ryan

    21. Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut, had the longest continuous film shoot on record, lasting 400 days — or more than five times longer than the average Hollywood production.

    Kidman and Cruise embracing naked in the film