21 Wild Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Actually Happened, But Totally Did

    Can we explain these? No, we cannot.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about coincidences they experienced in their lives that made them go "What the...?! How did that happen?!" Here were some of the most incredible responses:

    1. "In 2019, I was on my way to a Halloween party (fairly drunk) when a fight broke out and I ended up getting stabbed. At the time, I was in shock and didn't realize I was stabbed, so I went to the party anyway. A man there told me he could see my muscle sticking out of my side and to call 911."

    2. "When I was very young, my parents got a medical bill in the mail for a surgery I did not have. Turns out the patient had the same name as me and the same birthday, but born in 1938 instead of 1983. Several years later, my dad’s sister actually wound up meeting him on a trip to Ireland!"


    3. "I broke all of my toes in a soccer game once. A few years later, I was on a date with a guy who said his brother was a doctor and the grossest thing he'd ever seen was a girl in a soccer uniform who came in with all her toes broken (me)."


    4. "I used to own a china doll with a broken off missing hand. During a day trip, I found a hand on the ground which looked to be the same size and material of the doll I had at home, so I took it home with me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it fit onto the broken arm like two pieces of a jigsaw."

    A porcelain doll has a tear running down its chest

    5. "When my longtime boyfriend and I first started dating, we were driving down the street when we both said, 'I lived on this street, let me show you which house!' And then we both pointed at the same house! I lived there with my mom and brother when I was around 8 or 9 years old. He moved in right after we moved out. He said he even found toys of ours and explained some and I immediately recognized them. Definitely the weirdest coincidence of my life!"


    6. "I was listening to an audiobook on the train when the woman across from me kept asking me innocuous questions. I was tired from work, though, so I took out an earbud and apologized, saying I was really focused on this audiobook and didn't mean to ignore her. She lit up and said she is a voice actor for audiobook recordings, and asked me what I was listening to. I turned my phone around and she said she was the narrator of the audiobook I was listening to!"


    7. "My nan’s name is Edith Webber, but my late granddad called her Ed. In turn, his name being Joseph, she nicknamed him Joanne. Their friends referred to them as Ed and Joanne and it confused everyone who met them, but they loved their little in-joke, and it was adorable. Last year, I started a new job, and in my office there’s a guy called Ed Webber. His wife’s name is Joanne."

    8. "I was working a retail job in a city 2,000 miles away from my hometown when I started chatting with one of my coworkers. It turned out she not only was from my hometown, but went to high school with me (we were in different years)! Somehow, we both ended up working in the same clothing store halfway across the country."


    9. "As a kid, I went to a Department of Defense school on a base in Ankara, Turkey. After three years, my family went back to the States to visit during the summer and took a road trip to a few different states. We stopped to eat at a Shoney’s in North Carolina, when suddenly, in walked my DOD school teacher! She was back in the States visiting family too! So random!"


    10. "When I was younger, my mom was trying to remember the name of a musician but couldn’t. As a joke, I said, 'Let’s call him Phil,' as I didn’t know the name either. Turns out, the musician she was thinking of was Phil Collins and she only remembered when I said that. I peaked in that moment."

    Phil Collins sings at a microphone

    11. "I went to one of the Pearl Jam Home Shows at Safeco in August, 2018. After the show, my fiancé and I decided to walk for a bit before we tried to find an Uber because there were so many people (over 80,000 at the concert). We walked 20–30 minutes in a GIANT crowd then got in an Uber pool that had two other people in it already.

    "When we arrived at our Airbnb, the Uber driver said, 'Who's getting out here?' At the same time, we and the other group said, 'We are.' Turns out, we were all staying at the same Airbnb! Not only that, but we found out that we were from the same city in British Columbia and had all traveled down to Seattle just for the concert. We should have carpooled!"


    12. "My uncles had friends who were on vacation in another state with their adopted daughter when a lady in an elevator kept staring at their daughter. Finally, she told them that she looked a lot like her friend's son. She showed them pictures and sure enough, the two kids looked super alike. They arranged to meet and share information, and it turned out the two kids were siblings!"


    13. "My first birthday and my 18th birthday were both on Super Bowl Sunday, and both times the Patriots beat the Rams."

    14. "I was set up on a date once with this guy, and as we were talking, we realized we had the same birthday. Somehow we figured out we were born on the same day, same year, in the SAME hospital."

    "Turns out, our dads even remember meeting on the day we were born, as my dad rode the elevator with his dad, who had just had his third kid and joked about going from man-to-man defense to zone."


    15. "When I was 12, my mum ordered me my first bank card and account, and I decided that — when I got the card — I would change the PIN number to my bike lock combination, so I'd always remember it. Well, the card arrived and, lo and behold, the bank had issued it with the exact same number as my bike lock."


    16. "I wrote a lot as a kid in South Africa and most, if not all, of my stories had the same character: a girl called Emalyn Jane Brown. One of the stories was about her working at the summer camp she used to go to as a child. Fast forward to 2017..."

    A woman's mouth opens wide in shock

    17. "My family went to Italy once for spring break. One night, we went to dinner in the small beach town we were staying at, and as we were waiting for our table, we looked across the restaurant and — surprise! — saw another family we knew from our small town of 8,000 people in Wyoming! What are the odds?!"


    18. "I purchased a used Kate Spade wallet online and met the seller at a gas station. She pulled up driving the same car I was in, down to the color, and was basically me a few years younger — same hair color, cut, nose ring, etc. Later, when I was moving my stuff into the wallet, I found a boarding pass showing we had been on the same flight a few months before just a couple rows apart."


    19. "I was working at the Boy Scouts of America on Nov. 11, 2011 when a lady came in to return two items. She got $11.11 for her cash back! I told her she should go buy a lottery ticket!"

    20. "A couple of years ago, I called a Lyft home after hitting up a few bars in a busy part of the city. When the driver picked me up, she checked my address and said, 'Wait a minute, that’s my address!' My Lyft driver and I lived in the same small apartment building, and out of all the people needing a ride in the 503-square-mile Los Angeles, she picked up someone who lived down the hall from herself."


    21. "I was at a party where my best friend and I were taking photos in the bathroom with a digital camera. We got a good pic, except it had my right eye cropped out. Ten minutes later, I went to make a drink and lost my right eye in a horrible accident involving a piece of ice shooting directly into it, causing my retina to detach."


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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.