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    25 Hacks To Make Room For A Baby In Your Tiny Home

    Babies are small. Their stuff is not.

    1. Use hidden storage.

    The Lovely Lark / Via

    The space under the crib is usually ignored but it's a great place to store baby supplies. Find these storage boxes here for $14.99 each.

    2. Swap out the TV stand for a dresser.

    A TV stand takes up a lot of space (especially in a studio or one bedroom apartment), but a dresser can do the same job and hold your baby's clothes, too.

    3. Make decorative pieces functional.

    Every nursery needs its cute touches. This rack is plenty cute while also supplying a place to hang your baby's clothes.

    4. Install a fold down changing table.

    Marsh and Clark / Via

    Like a miniature Murphy bed, these changing tables save a ton of space.

    5. Use a foldable changing table.

    You can put this changing table away when not in use. Find this one at Amazon for $79.99.

    6. Start with a mini crib.

    These are significantly smaller in both length and width than a normal crib. Get this one from Amazon for $123.99.

    7. Seek out a crib with built-In changing table.

    These are terrific for maximizing space, and usually come with additional storage. Sears has this one for $169.99.

    8. Put the crib in a small closet.

    This will really open up the space available to you.

    9. Hang clothes on the wall.

    Putting the crib in the closet doesn't mean you can't hang up your baby's clothes.

    10. Think vertically.

    Maximizing as much vertical space as possible will make your life a whole lot easier. One great idea is to use a Farmer's Market Epergne to hold diapers and other baby supplies. Get one from Sundance for $75.

    11. Lose the laundry hamper.

    Laundry hampers take up a lot of floor space, so try hanging a laundry bag from a hook instead.

    12. Install two rods in the closet.

    Baby and toddler clothes are small, so install two rods to hang twice as many clothes.

    13. Use an extra collapsible stroller.

    These take up a lot less space than a traditional stroller.

    14. Hang the stroller up.

    Closet space is precious in a studio or one bedroom apartment so hang your stroller on the back of a door with the StrollAway, sold at Amazon for $39.99.

    15. Remove closet doors.

    This will open up the room and make things feel a lot less cramped.

    16. Don't use a traditional high chair.

    Flickr: plasticcandy

    Clip-on high chairs are especially great for apartment dwellers who don't have a sizable kitchen, and easily clip onto just about any table. Find Phil & Ted's Lobster High Chair at Target for $79.99.

    17. Go with a smaller rocking chair.

    Most rocking chairs take up a surprising amount of space, so seek out something smaller like this mid-century modern rocker, available from Overstock for $101.99.

    18. Use a dresser as a changing table.

    Put all of your diapers, wipes, and other supplies in the top drawer for easy access. Find a four-sided changing mat at Target for $21.99.

    19. Mount a diaper supply board over the changing table.

    Save space by storing diapers, wipes, and other supplies on a board mounted over the changing table.

    20. Push furniture closer together.

    Your nursery will look every bit as nice and you'll have a lot more space.

    21. Put the crib on rollers.

    Being able to move your crib gives you a lot more flexibility in a limited space. has this one for $179.99.

    22. Store stuffed animals in a toy hammock.

    Keep the many stuffed animals your child will inevitably acquire from cluttering your home with this hammock, found here for $9.95.

    23. Create a baby corner in your bedroom.

    If you don't have a room for a nursery you can use a corner of your bedroom. Decorate the nursery area with its own theme so it's less like an extension of your room and more like your baby's own place.

    24. Use an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer for nursery storage.

    Babies only have a few shoes to start, so fill the rest of the pockets with baby medicine, pacifiers, toys, and anything else that's all too easy to lose in a small space.

    25. Use a travel baby swing.

    Travel sized baby swings are smaller than standard ones, but soothe babies every bit as much. Find this one at Babies R Us for $69.98.

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