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    25 Hacks To Make Room For A Baby In Your Tiny Home

    Babies are small. Their stuff is not.

    1. Use hidden storage.

    2. Swap out the TV stand for a dresser.

    3. Make decorative pieces functional.

    4. Install a fold down changing table.

    5. Use a foldable changing table.

    6. Start with a mini crib.

    7. Seek out a crib with built-In changing table.

    8. Put the crib in a small closet.

    9. Hang clothes on the wall.

    10. Think vertically.

    11. Lose the laundry hamper.

    12. Install two rods in the closet.

    13. Use an extra collapsible stroller.

    14. Hang the stroller up.

    15. Remove closet doors.

    16. Don't use a traditional high chair.

    17. Go with a smaller rocking chair.

    18. Use a dresser as a changing table.

    19. Mount a diaper supply board over the changing table.

    20. Push furniture closer together.

    21. Put the crib on rollers.

    22. Store stuffed animals in a toy hammock.

    23. Create a baby corner in your bedroom.

    24. Use an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer for nursery storage.

    25. Use a travel baby swing.

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