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28 Genius Hacks Every Lazy Parent Needs To Know

Because you deserve to be a little lazy with all that you do.

1. Get out of having to make lunch every morning by freezing a batch of PB&J sandwiches ahead of time.

2. If you can't even with your kid pulling off their diaper, try putting their onesie on backwards.

3. Baby-proof your drawers with the least effort possible.

4. You can also MacGyver your own outlet covers with Band-Aids.

5. Use the bottle to keep track of your kid's doses.

6. Cut pancakes into toddler-sized bites with a pizza cutter.

7. Put magnets on your kid's cups so that they stick to the fridge.

8. Keep your kids from making a mess when eating in the car by putting their meal into an organization bucket.

9. You can also use the air conditioner to cool French fries to a kid-friendly temperature.

10. Stop your kid from turning the lights off and on (and off again) with this hack using a milk jug.

11. Keep your toddler entertained with little more than a colander and some pipe cleaners.

12. Make shoe shopping stress-free by bringing your kid's feet (but not your kid) to the store.

13. Make separating your kids' clothes easy using the dot method.

14. Use a lint roller to quickly pick up glitter.

15. Use a straw to remove a strawberry's stem in seconds.

16. Ready a mandarin orange for your kid to eat in four easy steps.

17. Put a target in the toilet bowl to improve your kid's aim.

18. Freeze yogurt to make ice pops your kid will love.

19. Punish your kids without having to listen to them whine when you take away their electronics.

20. Make storing and organizing Lego bricks a snap using a shoe storage bag.

21. Put up a "spy window" so you don't have to go all the way downstairs every time you want to check on the kids.

22. Use trash bags to refill your diaper pail.

23. Cook family-sized portions of oatmeal in your rice cooker.

24. Clean toys the easy way by putting them into the dishwasher.

25. Buy yourself some time on the couch by letting your kid go all Picasso in a box.

26. Put a command hook on the back of your baby's high chair so you never misplace a bib again.

27. Put two layers of fitted sheets (separated by puppy pads) on your kid's bed to make it easier to change their sheets in the middle of the night if they have an accident.

Lastly, the ultimate lazy parent hack:

28. Use a Sharpie to fix a Barbie when the head has come off and won't re-attach.

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