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    33 Greatest Elf On The Shelf Ideas Of All Time

    Nothing but top shelf elf.

    1. Harry Potter

    This elf is going to make some little Muggles very happy this Christmas. From Shelf the Elf.

    2. The Sketch Artist

    Jack Dawson has nothing on this elf. From Say It, Don't Spray It.

    3. The Voice

    No one can hit a high note like an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

    4. A Cold Winter Night

    The fridge reminds this fella of home. From New Mercies.

    5. The Little Drummer Boy

    Meet Ringo the Elf. From Frugal Coupon Living.

    6. Clubbing

    This fun-time guy only orders top elf drinks at da club. From The Leggy Files.

    7. The Taste Tester

    Flickr: richardbronosky / Via Creative Commons

    Doug's reputation at the North Pole: He means well, but isn't terribly intelligent.

    8. Elf

    Enjoying Buddy the Elf's famous spaghetti recipe. From I Heart Nap Time.

    9. The Elf in a Bubble

    Like a lot of people, this elf lives in a bubble.

    10. School's In Session

    Elves are known to be short with their students. From A Small Snippet.

    11. Snowball Fight

    Even Buzz is doomed against an elf. From Nelly Cole Photography.

    12. Date Night

    13. Star Wars

    Ween Cardillo Saundarino / Via

    Han Solo is totally getting coal in his stocking this year.

    14. Playing Connect Four

    Someone should warn Lalaloopsy that elves totally cheat. From Lil Blue Boo.

    15. The Legend of Zelda

    He's just a Wii little elf.

    16. Santa's Sleigh

    Introducing My Little Reindeer. Via A Small Snippet.

    17. The Downward Dog

    thehowardsgotelfed / Via

    Relieving all of the Christmas season stress.

    18. Despicable Me

    mciaglia122 / Via

    Santa's minions, meet Gru's minions.

    19. Twister

    This elf suggested playing naked Twister, but thankfully the rest shot him down. From She Knows.

    20. Capturing the Grinch

    Elves don't let anyone mess with Christmas. From The Sweatman Family.

    21. Angry Birds

    Even elves are hooked on Angry Birds. From Rocking My 365 Project.

    22. Sledding

    Sledding is luge-ly popular at the North Pole. Via My Mommy Style.

    23. Mechanic

    xpressoreads / Via

    If your kid gets a toy car that works this Christmas, they can thank this fella. From Xpresso Reads.

    24. Gift Exchange


    Celebrating the holidays with their pal, The Mensch on a Bench.

    25. The Ninja

    I bet he lives in a ninja-bread house.

    26. Downhill Skiing

    Don't worry, his hat is actually a top-of-the-line elf helmet. From Picklehead Soup.

    27. "Hotline Bling"

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    “You used to call me on my elf phone…”

    28. Minecraft

    This elf probably isn't watching everything your kid is doing.

    29. Time Zones

    This elf is totally on time. From The Elf on the Shelf.

    30. Spin the Bottle

    This elf was hoping for Elmo but got Winnie. Awkward. From Homes in Alaska.

    31. Air Ballooning

    This elf's most embarrassing moment was when he suggested Santa trade in his sleigh for one of these. From Peanut Blossom.

    32. John and Yoko

    Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

    “Imagine all the elves, living life in peace…”

    33. Cookies for One

    That's just cold, elf. From Homes in Alaska.

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