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    Fox News Called On Gen X To Stop "Cancel Culture," And It Didn't Go The Way They Hoped

    "I don't think Fox is familiar with Gen X."

    Earlier this week, there was segment on Fox News where they called upon Generation X to put an end to cancel culture.

    Fox News correspondent Gillian Turner: "Cancel culture is spreading like wildfire. There is a call for Generation X to lead the charge to save America from the social media mob. Can they do it?"

    Twitter: @justinbaragona

    Correspondent Gillian Turner introduced the segment by saying, "Cancel culture is spreading like wildfire. There is a call for Generation X to lead the charge to save America from the social media mob. Can they do it?"

    Generation X's response to this was basically:


    Here are some of the funniest — and sometimes thought-provoking — responses from Gen X'ers on Twitter:


    @justinbaragona Y’all know we already got canceled ourselves right?

    Twitter: @mrschrislopez


    TFW when Fox News implores Gen X to save the culture

    Twitter: @nakedfoul


    Gen X is trending because Fox News thinks we are the ones who can kill cancel culture. *laughs in 2 Live Crew, NWA and Sinead O'Connor*

    Twitter: @thejournalista


    Gen X saving America is funny, we can't even save for retirement

    Twitter: @blainecapatch


    Gen X: “Wait...what? Leave us out of this bullshit.”

    Twitter: @FPWellman


    I am a Gen X. I grew up in North Carolina where there was a smoking section in my high school, Jesse Helms was normalized, depression was “being in a bad mood”, and I showered in Drakkar. I want better for my kids. Cancel those shitty days.

    Twitter: @tonyposnanski


    If there’s one thing Gen X loves, it’s being told who they are and what they should do

    Twitter: @MaraWilson


    “Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as cancel culture.” — #GenX #Slacker2021

    Twitter: @gregolear


    please leave gen x out of whatever it is you're fighting about we're over here listening to radiohead not bothering anyone and also if u push us we're probably on gen z's side

    Twitter: @andylevy


    Stop trying to make Gen X care about things.

    Twitter: @Ebonyteach


    Gen X? You mean the people who already lived through this bullshit in the early 1990s when it was called "political correctness" and saw through it then too?

    Twitter: @andizeisler


    @justinbaragona Oh ffs. I'm Gen X. Fox News and Facebook did to my Dad what he said MTV and Nintendo would do to me.

    Twitter: @DavidLMeeks


    Boomers asking Gen X to save them from cancellation

    20th Century-Fox Film Corporation / Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @Jimmystardust79


    Apparently Gen X are supposed to stop "cancel culture". You mean like when you tried to ban our music, movies and video games? You get what you deserve dick heads. #GenX

    Twitter: @thatfkingguy


    @justinbaragona Pretty sure GenX is not gonna swoop in and save racism.

    Twitter: @WardQNormal


    Gen X hates whiny ass babies. We were latchkey kids whose parents smoked in the car. Cry us a river about some old Seuss book.

    Twitter: @TheRealHoarse


    @NickWillGarcia @justinbaragona I don't think Fox is familiar with Gen X.

    Twitter: @renewedrebecca


    Fox News: We need Gen X to save us from cancel culture. Gen X:

    Twitter: @dgiesinger

    Pretty much! If you liked these Gen X'ers as much as I did, give them a follow! Or don't...whatever.

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