19 Tweets That Will Crack Up Gen X'ers But Confuse Everyone Else

    This one's for the generation everyone ignores.

    Lately, it seems like everyone's shouting about Boomers, millennials, and Generation Z — while we, Generation X, are just sitting over here like:

    But you know what? That's OK! We're used to being an afterthought, and maybe that's why we're as funny as we are. So, Gen X, here's a bunch of tweets you'll only find super funny if you're one of us:


    You guys can call us Gen Xer's "Karen" if you want but if you understood us at all, it'd be "Heather."


    Red Hot Chili Peppers are Gen X’s Jimmy Buffet. Only a matter of time before they open a chain of Californication Station Bar & Grills.


    Well, “Gen X” is trending, which probably means that, uh...eh, whatever. Nevermind.


    @pattonoswalt We have a certain..ah..how do you say? Gen X sais quoi


    I'm not going to look up why "Gen X" is trending I'll just assume it's because we died


    Is it purely a Gen X/older millennial thing to fondly remember when you would go to the sit down Pizza Hut as a special treat?


    The life of a #GenX kid: Wake up and immediately go outside; play with dangerous things in dangerous places. Show up for dinner 14 hours later; parents are surprised to learn you weren’t home. Eat fishsticks alone while watching tv. Read in bed with flashlight.


    I think about how my Gen X friends once had to order takeout by calling the place and I admire their bravery.


    Some days I remember that Winona Ryder, the dark princess of Gen X, the coolest of the cool, is known among many younger folks as "the mom from Stranger Things".


    My son just OK Boomer’d me. Bitch I’m Gen X, I will put you in a facial recognition database and drown you in student loan debt


    Boomers: People are too sensitive and need to toughen up Millennials: People need to care more and help each other out Gen X: Die Hard is a Christmas movie


    Daria is a teen in the late ‘90s which makes her a millennial but her underwhelmed cynicism is totally Gen X. Let’s take some calls


    @Paradoxology13 @local__celeb No one raised Gen X, we were left to fend for ourselves! Hence why being stuck in our rooms all day in lockdown has not fazed us.


    My 7-year old son was just singing “Black Hole Sun” while peeing with the bathroom door open and I think this Gen X dad has successfully passed on his legacy.


    I think I'll make a mixtape. By which I mean a playlist but look, I'm Gen X, and we called them mixtapes, deal with it.


    Fun fact: the “Gen” in “Gen X” is actually short for Gennifer


    Before we take any victory laps, we in gen x gotta remember we failed on the charge of delivering true Back to the Future hoverboards for our gen z kids.


    Gen X ending up not being remembered for anything but being cancelled is so Gen X


    You know, I roll hard with Gen X. I represent. I don’t forget about us. I use my voice to remember our culture, as much as I can. But, I’m not going to lie. Avocado toast is goddamn delicious.