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    34 Absolutely Hilarious People, And Honestly I Can't Say Who Is The Funniest

    They're a little weird, but in the best possible way.

    1. This car owner who added a Terminator decal to the back of their Corvette:

    Even better? This is what it looks like when the brake lights come on:

    2. These friends who took this "creative" graduation photo:

    3. This mom who showed the world how much she looked like her kid's drawing of her:

    4. These business owners who do NOT want to be bothered...except, you know, by the tamale lady:

    5. This hilariously young-at-heart 34-year-old:

    6. This husband who knows what he did:

    7. This cat owner who better give these cuties a treat after this:

    8. And this cat owner who saw their cat doing this and made this comparison:

    9. This service worker who figured out a hilariously clever way to get tips:

    10. And this bar owner who said what he said:

    11. This funny woman who thankfully looks nothing like a rotisserie chicken:

    12. And this dad who is not feeling appreciated, LOL:

    13. This kid who wrote an unintentionally hilarious letter:

    It reads:

    "Dear United States Veteran,

    Hello! I am Zoe from Stuart, Florida. I wrote my letter to you because my uncle served in the Air Force and thankfully came back safe and flew helicopters for a while. But enough about my life.

    The reason I chose the Air Force out of all the other branches is because what you do is VERY dangerous, unlike the Army, where if you get shot medics come and help you, but if your plane gets damaged you know you're done for.

    Thank you for protecting us.



    14. This guy who kept up his daily rituals even while working from home:

    15. These kids who sent their mom into a panic by telling her "water was coming from the laundry room":

    16. This delivery guy who doesn't do things as expected:

    17. This person who needed a side table, but also felt overwhelmed by how hard it was to put together:

    18. And this person who is number 17's kindred spirit:

    19. This fifth-grader who is already really, really funny:

    20. This air traveler who deserves all of our respect:

    21. This person who sent a message to their homeowners' association after it forced them to hide their trash cans out of sight:

    22. This funny duo that was destined to tangle:

    23. This 23-year-old who decided to see what he'd look like as an old man:

    24. And the cat owner whose hobby was photoshopping her cat's face onto bees:

    25. The dad who sent this photo when his wife asked how he was doing with their triplets:

    26. The person who fixed the crack in their car window without, you know, actually having to get it fixed:

    27. This dad who turned the frozen aisle into straight-up comedy:

    28. This guy whose mind thought, "That's a happy-ass tree":

    29. The store owner who understands human nature:

    Hmmm from funny

    30. And this friend who knows how to give a housewarming gift:

    31. This woman with maybe the funniest holiday sweater ever:

    32. This teacher who is very funny and a VERY big Star Wars fan:

    33. This student who filled this out (and wasn't wrong):

    34. And this person who didn't let a lack of baking skills stop them from creating the perfect Shrek-themed cake: