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    21 Hilarious (Or Wildly Inappropriate) Graduates Who Made The Big Day Their Own

    Putting the "you" in graduate.

    1. This graduate who made their cap out of condoms (perhaps they were graduating _Magnum _cum laude):

    2. And this graduate who was a "dickhead" (and acted like it by scrolling on his phone during the ceremony):

    3. This graduate who ordered themselves a sandwich to be delivered to the ceremony:

    4. This graduate who used his time onstage to take a selfie with the graduating class:

    5. This graduate who — deep sigh on behalf of their parents — wore this cap:

    6. And this graduate whose mom did the embarrassing by paying to have this message played at the ceremony:

    7. This graduate whose cap featured a very appropriate _Tiger King _moment:

    8. This graduate whose cap was hilariously honest:

    9. And this graduate who stayed true to themselves to the end:

    10. This graduate whose mom and dad couldn't make it to the ceremony, so his buds stepped in as his "parents":

    11. And this graduate who couldn't make the ceremony himself, but still found a way to get a cool photo op:

    12. This graduate whose brother promised to wear a matching dress to graduation if she graduated with honors — and both came through:

    13. This graduate who had the most hilariously perfect cap:

    14. And this graduate who transferred to the college for their last two years, so they made this masterpiece:

    15. This graduate who had the perfect cap for 2020:

    16. And this graduate, whose cap captured the truth about what it's like going to college:

    17. This graduate who had a specially made cap...which her mom also had made into an umbrella for the big day:

    My grad cap client Mom went all out for her daughter graduation. They turn the grad cap I made for her into an umbrella😩🎨🎓🔥☔️

    Twitter: @JrocJarvis

    18. This graduate who brought their tiny dog with them to receive their diploma:

    Them: girl you can’t bring your dog to graduation Me:

    Twitter: @lilmissboojieee

    19. This graduate who "ruined" their graduation announcement in the most epically awesome way possible:

    20. This graduate who didn't get to walk the stage last year because of COVID-19, so his mom did this:

    21. And these lucky graduates who ran into Jack Black and ended up with the greatest grad photos in the world: