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21 Hilarious Tweets By Parents Who Have Been Broken By Homeschooling

After distance learning comes anger management.

With schools closed because of the coronavirus, we parents have been introduced to the joys of distance learning. If you want to know how it's been going at my house, it's a little like this GIF:

Thankfully, I'm not alone in struggling with this, as these very frustrated — but also very funny – parents prove:


What are you so upset about everything is FINE ...she screamed as her child was crying over their quarantine homework


Day 3 of home schooling - My kids are bullying the teacher by body shaming him, just because he has long nose hair


Day 3 of quarantine and distance learning from home: 6 year old writes biography titled, “Why I Hate My Family”


We‘re done with homeschooling we do anger management now.


Child: I need help with my school work. Also the child: THAT’S NOT HOW YOU DO IT


Let’s talk about distance learning. Is wine or tequila more appropriate for lunch break? Asking for all moms. #DistanceLearning #NotATeacher #SaveMe #SendWine #TeachersAreSuperheros #PayThemBetter #COVIDー19


I just reinstituted nap time into our homeschool routine. For myself. I have no idea what the kids do while I sleep.


Homeschooling update day 9: Today we did maths If you have 3 kids, and they are awake roughly 13 hours in the day, and you’re trying to work from home, how many times will you hear the word ‘snack’?


After 3 full weeks of homeschooling: There’s a part of me who wants to be super mom and send my kids back to school above their grade level. There’s another part of me , a part that is increasingly winning who will be happy if my kids can still read when this is over.


I have a better shot of successfully homeschooling my cat than my kids


The four pillars of my home school CAFFEINE ALCOHOL PAJAMAS CRYING


My daughter examined how a measuring tape retracted and announced that it “disappeared into a magical world.” So yeah, homeschooling is going just great.


90% of homeschooling is telling your kids to not spill your drink.


I don't care how poorly they do, I'm giving my kids straight A's cause I'm not repeating this shit again next year.


Ok Karen I see your perfectly set up home school stations. With kids quietly doing their schoolwork. But in this house we cry, pace, procrastinate, and wait do I smell something on fire?


FYI: if I burn pop corn and accidentally set of the fire alarm again, I’m going to grab a clipboard, make my kids get in a line, and call it a distance learning fire drill.


My son’s teacher didn’t show up to her own Zoom class so distance learning is going along as expected.


Me: alright bud, time for bed! 11: it’s early still Me: yeah but it’s a school night 11: but there’s no school! Me: fine, homeschool night 11: homeschool night?! hahaha, yeah ok Me: 11: Me: *sobbing*


This homeschool gig should come with a better cafeteria.


If you had asked me what the hardest part of battling a global pandemic would be I would have never guessed, “teaching elementary school math.”

But in the end, it's not ALL bad:


If there’s one silver lining to social distancing, it’s that my kids can’t get head lice.

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