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    19 Hilarious "You've Heard Of Elf On The Shelf, Now There's..." Jokes

    You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, but have you heard of Beesly on a Weasley?

    Don't want to do Elf on the shelf this holiday season? Perhaps you'd be interested in trying:

    1. Schrute in the Boot:

    2. Beesly on the Weasley

    3. Wanda in Wakanda:

    4. Caesar in the Freezer:

    5. Baby Yoda on Abe Vigoda:

    6. (Ohio governor Mike) DeWine on the Pine:

    7. Clone on the Stone:

    8. DeLorean on the Mandalorian:

    9. Bob on the Cob:

    10. Sherman on the Sherman:

    11. Spike on the Bike:

    12. Luigi on the Ouija:

    13. Putin on the Newton:

    14. Shrek on the Deck:

    15. Abed on the Bed:

    16. Ghost on the Toast:

    17. Lando on the Mando:

    18. Binks on the Sphinx:

    19. Brees on the Cheese: