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    19 People Who Really, Really Regret Forgetting To Do Something

    All of these people: "Can we pretend this didn't happen?"

    1. Forgetting to close the window in the dead of winter? Bad.

    2. But forgetting your car's parking brake and having it crash into the nearby Jeep dealership? Very bad.

    3. Forgetting your dentist appointment and not having time to change out of your chest-baring pirate costume? Awkward. 

    4. But forgetting to turn the flash off when sneaking a photo of actor Chloë Grace Moretz? Very awkward.

    5. Forgetting a 12-pack of soda in your car during extreme cold? Facepalm.

    6. But forgetting bear mace in your car during extreme heat and having it explode, breaking your windshield? Two-handed facepalm.

    7. Forgetting to wear sunscreen with your paint and ending up looking like a zebra? Regrettable.

    8. But forgetting you were going to a church and wearing your devil/"Keep learning science, kids" T-shirt? Very regrettable.

    9. Forgetting to put the ice tray back and having this happen? That's going to take a while to undo.

    10. But forgetting to put the guard on before using the hair trimmer? That's REALLY going to take a while to undo.

    11. Forgetting a chocolate bunny in the car? Massive Easter fail. 

    12. But forgetting you hid your kid's Easter basket in the oven and then turning it on? Absolutely collosal Easter fail.

    13. Getting your wife's opinion on which shoes to wear, and then forgetting what you did and going to work like this? Ridiculous.

    14. But forgetting your school's uniform policy and having to make a belt out of notebook paper? Beyond ridiculous.

    15. Forgetting to submit your kid's senior baby ad, so your husband wrote this? That's some quality dad joking.

    16. But forgetting to leave your husband a carseat, and then — after asking how he's going to drive your baby around — receiving this photo? That's next-level dad joking.

    17. Forgetting to take the K-Cup out of the coffee maker, so your cup of noodles comes out with extra coffee flavoring? That is one gross meal.

    18. But forgetting your spaghetti and mushrooms in the microwave for a week and then finding it looking like this? That is very far beyond gross.

    19. And lastly, filling up a police car and then driving away with the gas pump handle? That just about tops all of these, lol.