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    23 Unbelievably Disappointing Meals That Were Not What People Ordered

    Order at your own risk.

    1. This grilled cheese sandwich that looks like it was trying to pull a fast one:

    u/yikeswhatshappeninghere / Via

    2. And this egg sandwich that just failed in every way possible:

    slightly-mad-hatter / Via

    3. This chicken burger that β€” ugh! β€” looks like it might come with a side of salmonella:

    u/DJODSP / Via

    4. These mozzarella sticks that came minus the mozzarella:

    TacoWarez / Via

    5. This chicken quesadilla that should be ashamed of itself:

    dan4yk1 / Via

    6. And this slice of pie that came topped with mold:

    Lila-Irene / Via

    7. These banana chocolate chip pancakes that don't quite get how you make banana chocolate chip pancakes:

    KingSeyther / Via

    8. This mushroom pizza that came with one β€” count 'em, one! β€” mushroom:

    u/shavitush / Via

    9. And this "cheeseburger" that came with just a tiny sliver of cheese.

    mazzano / Via

    10. This "Caesar salad" that β€” I guess? β€” you eat with your hands:

    nonobutss / Via

    11. This salad that dared to show up at the table like this:

    Zewsmagic / Via

    12. And this salad that isn't gimmicky...just disappointing:

    u/Po1sonator / Via

    13. These "chicken tacos" that looked like a couple KFC drumsticks dressed as tacos for Halloween:

    rotary_13b / Via

    14. This fish burger with a minnow-sized bit of fish:

    lynnleongsy8 / Via

    15. And this sandwich that came with a displeasing meat-to-bread ratio:

    u/boningthedead / Via

    16. This Boston cream donut that almost entirely forgot the cream:

    u/ForeverFreez / Via

    17. This donut that almost entirely forgot the icing:

    u/0hn0thisisrllybAd / Via

    18. And this cinnamon twist dessert that came with a side of ranch instead of icing:

    u/lyokoxana / Via

    19. This "lasagna" that looked a lot more like baked ziti:

    20. This lettuce-wrapped chicken sandwich that failed the "wrapped" part:

    anythingyoucandab / Via

    21. This breakfast burrito that came with extra tortilla:

    icelr03 / Via

    22. This "blueberry" muffin with one sad blueberry:

    SaltySamus / Via

    23. And β€” yikes! β€” this beef and rice dish that came with somebody's keys inside:

    Nagnel / Via

    H/t r/mildlyinfuriating!