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    19 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About '90s Movies That Made Me Do a Double Take

    Tupac Shakur was almost a Jedi Master?!

    1. Titanic — wordwide gross: $1,850,197,130

    FACT: Jack was nearly played by Matthew McConaughey, and Rose was nearly played by Claire Danes.

    2. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace — worldwide gross: $924,305,084

    FACT: Tupac Shakur — who had been a Star Wars fan since childhood — auditioned with George Lucas for a role as a Jedi before his death.

    3. Jurassic Park — worldwide gross: $912,667,947

    FACT: Steven Spielberg began filming Schindler's List in Poland so shortly after wrapping Jurassic Park that he had to oversee the dinosaur film's post production via a very crude satellite feed sent from Northern California.

    4. Independence Day — worldwide gross: $817,400,891

    FACT: The United States military was originally going to supply costumes, props — and even planes — to be used in the film, but they withdrew their support upon learning that Area 51 was part of the plot.

    5. The Lion King — worldwide gross: $763,455,561

    FACT: James Earl Jones and Madge Sinclair — who voiced King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi — also portrayed the king and queen in the '80s smash Coming to America.

    6. Forrest Gump — worldwide gross: $677,387,716

    FACT: The move was adapted from the book Forrest Gump, which featured a Forrest who was 6'6", 242 pounds, and had a huge penis.

    7. The Sixth Sense — worldwide gross: $672,806,292

    FACT: The executive who bought the screenplay for Disney ended up losing his job over the purchase.

    8. The Lost World: Jurassic Park — worldwide gross: $618,638,999

    FACT: In the scene at a video store, there are cardboard displays for fake movies, like William Shakespeare's King Lear starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    9. Men in Black — worldwide gross: $589,390,539

    FACT: The "known aliens" briefly put on screen at the Men in Black headquarters include Sylvester Stallone, Danny DeVito, Al Roker, Isaac Mizrahi, George Lucas, director Barry Sonnenfeld and his daughter Chloe, Dionne Warwick, Newt Gingrich, Tony Robbins, and the film's executive producer Steven Spielberg.

    10. Armageddon — worldwide gross: $553,709,788

    FACT: Ben Affleck says on the DVD commentary track that he once asked director Michael Bay "why it was easier to train oil drillers to become astronauts than it was to train astronauts to become oil drillers." Bay told him "to shut the fuck up," which ended the conversation.

    11. Terminator 2: Judgment Day — worldwide gross: $519,843,345

    FACT: Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid an incredible $21,429 per word he uttered in the movie.

    12. Ghost — worldwide gross: $505,702,588

    FACT: Bruce Willis was offered the role of the ghost (opposite his then-wife Demi Moore), and the production originally didn't want Whoopi Goldberg in her iconic role as Oda Mae Brown.

    13. Aladdin — worldwide gross: $504,050,219

    FACT: The animators based Aladdin on Tom Cruise.

    14. Twister — worldwide gross: $494,471,524

    FACT: To give one tornado a distinctive sound, the sound designers altered a recording of a camel’s moan, lowering the pitch until it created a creepy, cavernous sound.

    15. Toy Story 2 — worldwide gross: $487,059,677

    FACT: Disney originally pressured Pixar to make Toy Story 2 a direct-to-video release.

    16. Saving Private Ryan — worldwide gross: $481,840,909

    FACT: Instead of rehearsals, the film's actors — including Tom Hanks — took part in a grueling 10-day boot camp run by an unrelenting former Marine who called them "Turd!"

    17. Home Alone — worldwide gross: $476,684,675

    FACT: Writer/director John Hughes wrote the screenplay in just nine days — and the last 44 pages in just eight hours — after a stressful family trip to Europe that left him thinking, "What if one of my kids has been accidentally left behind at home?"

    18. The Matrix — worldwide gross: $463,517,383

    FACT: Neo could have been played by Will Smith — he was approached about the role, but turned it down to do Wild Wild West instead.

    19. Pretty Woman — worldwide gross: $463,406,268

    FACT: The screenplay was originally a gritty drama titled $3,000, and didn't end with Vivian and Edward together. Instead, it ended with Vivian and Kit on a bus headed for Disneyland, with Vivian staring out the window, sad and pensive.