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    12 People Who Led Double Lives Until They Did — Or Didn't — Come Crashing Down

    Double the trouble.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about someone they knew who led a double life, and they came through with stories that were infuriating, heartbreaking, funny, and even kind of wholesome:

    1. "I had a dear friend in his sixties and then seventies who was a kind, wise, and delightful person. He was a pillar of his church and always helping those in need. Simultaneously, he was also a much-beloved elder of the local BDSM community."

    A woman in leather and chains holds a device and says "It's a ball crusher"

    "He would literally go from dungeon parties on Saturday evening to the front pew on Sunday morning, participating in both venues with sincere joy and enthusiasm.

    When he died, the funeral planners were clearly surprised when twice as many people as expected showed up to celebrate his life."


    2. "One of my mom's good friends used to live next door to us. She had two teenagers with her husband and they seemed to be living happily together. One day they woke up and the husband was gone."

    "Turns out he had another woman on the side who had just given birth to twins, and he'd left to go live with her permanently. No one knew he had this extra family and that he basically had doubles of everything he owned between his wife and the other woman."


    3. "We had a student teacher in my high school biology class who was sweet, helpful, rarely raised her voice, and kind of faded into the background during class time. She randomly stopped showing up for a few days, and then the next week rumors were going around school that she had been arrested for making and selling drugs."


    "Our teacher didn’t say anything to the rumors, but that night the local news had a story about our student teacher being arrested, with a mug shot and everything."


    4. "My uncle Ron was a drag queen. He didn't make it very big, but he really put a lot of time and effort into his craft. He disguised this by pretending to be in a bowling league that practiced every Saturday and Sunday (he really was in a bowling league, but they only practiced on Sundays).

    "He managed to keep it a secret for about five years, until we went to the gay bar about half an hour from where we lived for a budget bachelorette party. Turns out he was performing that night. He asked me and my friends to keep it a secret from the family."


    5. "My great-grandfather went missing during the Spanish Civil War, leaving behind his wife and two kids, so my great-grandmother had to take care of everything by becoming a smuggler over the Portuguese border. When the war ended, it turned out that he wasn't killed or imprisoned...or even fought at all in the conflict."

    A photo from 1936 of Spanish soldiers
    Hulton Deutsch / Getty Images

    "He'd sneaked from Galicia (northwest Spain) to Barcelona (northeast Spain), where he married my great-grandmother's little sister! He was married to one sister on the Republican side and another on the Nationalist's side.

    Nowadays, neither side of the family speak to each other at all."


    6. "My ex told me he managed a retail store and that most of his money was from being a stock broker and business owner in the past. Not shockingly, many of his details did not add up. After we broke up, I hired someone to do a background check on him."

    "Turns out, he was a convicted felon and all his money came from dealing illegal drugs. Oh, and he cheated on me MANY times."


    7. "When I was in high school, I nannied for a young mother with two young daughters. She was estranged from her family and recently moved to my town to start a new life with her boyfriend, who was 30 years older than her and lived in New York City full time. Her house was decorated very sparsely (like the kitchen table had one chair and a high chair), and she seemed very lonely except for when her boyfriend was in town. They paid me extremely well, but it all felt pretty sus."

    A sparse room with only a chair in it
    Wachirawut Priamphimai / Getty Images

    "Eventually, I looked up the boyfriend and found out that he was married with an entire family in New York, and she had been *his* kids' nanny before he got her pregnant and hid her away in my hometown (very far from New York btw). Her family had disowned her when she decided to keep the baby and pursue a relationship with this married man. He did eventually leave his wife for her, but until then, they kept this up for many years."


    8. "In my early twenties, I had a really close friend who turned out to be a pathological liar. To keep track of the many, many lies, she would actually keep a journal of what she told to who."


    9. "There was a super crotchety substitute teacher at my middle school. He was in his seventies, about five feet tall, and mean to the point of tears. I found out a few years ago through some distant Facebook friends that he was a champion weightlifter and even won the national title for 65+! I guess I’m glad he had another outlet for his aggression."

    Made Man / Via

    10. "My cousin's ex-girlfriend would always be in the bathroom for hours every night. One night, she forgot to lock the bathroom and he walked in on her doing a live webcam. Turns out she'd been a webcam girl for months. Their relationship didn't last very long."


    11. "One of my great-uncles had a family in Northern Ireland and another wife and family in Scotland. When his Northern Irish wife died, he left his children and moved in with his other family and changed his name. No one in my family has heard from him in years."

    The WB

    12. "When I was in middle school, I knew I was very gay, but my high school had a string of hate crimes that happened the year before I was set to attend, so I was terrified that I would be found out. My friend, who was a gay guy, and I decided to enter into a fake relationship like dual beards. Here’s where the double life came in..."

    "My mother was a teacher at a high school one town over and I would go there every day after school. Usually I would tutor kids, but one day a student told me that they were going to a Gay-Straight Alliance meeting after our session, and I had no idea such a wonderful thing existed. I started going to every meeting and felt comfortable enough to come out to my comrades and eventually started dating a member. I was a quiet, shy kid with a boyfriend on one side of town and a girlfriend on the other.

    When prom came along, the girl I was dating invited me to attend their high school's prom. I went and we slow danced and had a lot of fun. My fake boyfriend and I attended our prom as well. I was slow dancing with him when I saw someone from the other school come up to us. I recognized her immediately and before I could stop her, she was screaming at me about how I was cheating on my girlfriend and how she was going to tell her first thing Monday. First of all, kudos to this girl for courageously calling me out, but unfortunately, my entire school heard and word traveled fast. My charade was up, but I only had a few weeks left before I graduated, so it turned out fine. Now I’m the president of my college’s GSA and I tell this story to all my new freshmen."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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