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    22 Silly DIY Projects That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

    Explore the funny side of DIY.

    1. Turn plain kitchen towels into ones whose pun game is on point.

    Learn how here.

    2. Cut detergent bottles and milk jugs in half to make faux animal head taxidermy.

    You can use common household items (like hangers, gloves, and even a sanitary napkin) to make the eyes, ears, and horns.

    3. All you need is a Sharpie to turn a plain light switch cover into a super clever one.

    4. Dress up a plain coffee mug so that it's as sassy as you feel.


    Find a good tutorial full of tips and tricks for making Sharpie mugs here.

    5. Create a bookmark that will never fail to make you smile.

    Four easy steps: 1.) Have a photo shoot, 2.) Cut your child out of the photo, 3.) Laminate it, 4.) Attach the string!

    6. Discover your index finger's inner super hero.

    Learn how to make DIY superhero finger puppets here.

    7. Know what's funny? Turning your family into dancing cutouts.

    Learn how here.

    8. Doll parts and a piece of wood are all you need to make a hilarious (and slightly disturbing) coat rack.

    Find the tutorial here.

    9. Crack yourself up by drawing faces onto this wallpaper full of googly eyes.

    Order the wallpaper here.

    10. Why wear boring slippers when you can wear funny ones?

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun... Download the crochet pattern for $4.00 here.

    11. A couple spoons and a frame are all you need to make your life partner laugh on your anniversary.

    Find the how-to here.

    12. Trap your kids inside the soap dispenser.

    Just laminate a photo of your kid and slip it into the bottle.

    13. You can also transform a bottle of Jack into a soap dispenser that is guaranteed to amuse.

    14. Trick your friends with a "faked potato" made from nylons and pillow batting.

    Find the tutorial here.

    15. Crotchet a camera buddy with bulging eyes that will keep your kids laughing during photo shoots.

    Dowload the pattern here for $3.99.

    16. Men don't always notice a woman's shoes, but they'll notice these.

    The trick is to leave the original heels attached. The creator of these shoes drilled a hole through the dinosaurs for the heels to go through, then secured them with crazy glue.

    17. It'll only take a couple minutes to ensure you giggle every time you charge your phone.

    18. Your kid probably won't find this very funny, but you will.

    "Like sands through the hour glass..." Find the how-to here.

    19. Got some empty plastic water bottles around? Recycle them into these sumo bowling pins.

    Find the tutorial here.

    20. You could also commit a crime against denim by turning a pair of jeans into a flower pot.

    In all honesty, that pair of jeans has probably seen worse days.

    21. It only takes a few alterations to a tennis ball to make this funny fellow.

    You can make the "mouth" with a box cutter, and use rivets for the eyes. Another (easier) option for the eyes would be to glue on googly eyes.

    22. And lastly this DIY is perfect for the extremely lazy (or extremely busy) around the holidays.

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