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22 Silly DIY Projects That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Explore the funny side of DIY.

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2. Cut detergent bottles and milk jugs in half to make faux animal head taxidermy.

You can use common household items (like hangers, gloves, and even a sanitary napkin) to make the eyes, ears, and horns.


16. Men don't always notice a woman's shoes, but they'll notice these.

The trick is to leave the original heels attached. The creator of these shoes drilled a hole through the dinosaurs for the heels to go through, then secured them with crazy glue.

17. It'll only take a couple minutes to ensure you giggle every time you charge your phone.

21. It only takes a few alterations to a tennis ball to make this funny fellow.

You can make the "mouth" with a box cutter, and use rivets for the eyes. Another (easier) option for the eyes would be to glue on googly eyes.


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