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31 DIY Projects That Will Make Pregnancy So Much Easier

Make more than a baby.

1. DIY a full-body, contoured maternity pillow.

2. You can also make your own regular-sized maternity pillow.

3. Sew a two-seam maternity dress.

4. Make pregnancy belly butter.

5. You can also make miracle oil to help prevent stretch marks.

6. Freeze some electrolyte ice cubes.

7. Brew soothing pregnancy tea.

8. Use your regular jeans a little longer with this trick.

9. Make a maternity band using any fabric you like.

10. You can also DIY a ruffled belly band.

11. Alter your regular jeans to make them into maternity jeans.

12. Craft a cute maternity bow belt.

13. Tie the perfect bow around your belly.

14. Make a pregnancy countdown shirt.

15. Put together a chalkboard pregnancy tracker.

16. Sew a stylish maternity skirt.

17. Make a Monsters, Inc. maternity costume.

18. You can also make a pregnant skeleton costume.

19. Make magnesium lotion.

20. Take your own maternity photos.

21. Reveal your baby's sex with DIY scratch-off postcards.

22. Make pregnancy announcement coffee mugs.

23. Put together a sonogram keepsake.

24. Make your own pregnancy journal.

25. Sew a maternity swimsuit.

26. Whip up a pregnancy body scrub using strawberries.

27. Transform a man's shirt into an empire waist maternity shirt.

28. Freeze some delicious nausea pops.

29. Cook a batch of labor cookies.

30. DIY a hospital gown in the fabric of your choice.

31. Put together some "thank you packs" for the nurses who help deliver your baby.