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Parents, What Was It Like Giving Birth To A Freaking Huge Baby?

Nine pounds, ten pounds, eleven pounds, twelve pounds...

Anyone who has given birth has done something difficult and amazing. But today, we want to hear from people in a fairly rare group — those who gave birth to big ol' babies weighing nine, ten, eleven, or more pounds.

Afp / AFP via Getty Images

The baby on the left is an average-sized newborn. The big guy on the right is a 19.2 (!!!!!)-pound newborn baby! He's the heaviest newborn ever recorded in Indonesia...and was born via C-section in case you were wondering (which you totally were).  

If you’re one of those people, we have questions…and want to hear your stories!

For those of you who delivered vaginally, what was the experience like? How long did it take? Were there complications? Was it painful? And how did your body feel afterward?

Mitch Diamond / Getty Images

If you delivered via C-section, what was that experience like?

@PaulMcCartney / Via

Did you know your baby was going to be this big? Or was the weight your obstetrician predicted way off?

A large baby cries
Bettmann / Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

The baby above was a 12-pounder born in 1948.

How big is your large newborn now? Are they still big for their age?

Warner Bros.

And lastly, is there anything interesting about giving birth to an oversized baby that people might not know?

@modgif / Via

Let us know your story in the comments below — and share a photo if you like — and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!