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    31 Diaper Cake Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

    These ain't your mama's diaper cakes.

    1. An Ewok.

    2. A castle.

    Hollywood's resident candy girl Jackie Sorkin / Via

    3. Golf clubs.

    4. Giraffes.

    5. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    6. A bee hive.

    Order instructions here.

    7. A floppy-eared dog.

    8. A motorcycle.

    9. A car.

    10. Harry Potter.

    11. A sleeping baby.

    Creepy? Or adorable? Either way you can order one here.

    12. Cupcakes.

    13. A turtle.

    Find the tutorial here.

    14. A snail.

    15. A boat.

    16. Minnie Mouse.

    17. A little "pea in the pod."

    Once the baby arrives it'll be more like "pee in the pod." Order one here.

    18. Baby stroller.

    19. Bud Light.

    This one is from a "daddy shower."

    20. An owl.

    21. A caterpillar.

    Order instructions here.

    22. The Cat in the Hat.

    23. An elephant.

    Order the top here.

    24. A train.

    25. Olaf from Frozen.

    Find the tutorial here.

    26. A football field.

    27. A John Deere tractor.

    Order one here.

    28. A guitar.

    29. A drum set.

    Perfect for the mom planning on naming her baby Ringo.

    30. A bath tub.

    Find the tutorial here.

    31. Sushi.

    So cute you won't want to take it apart.