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17 Sad And Cringey Things People Experienced, And I Hope They're OK

These people definitely had a worse day than you.

1. This friend, who had an unfortunate trip to the Salvation Army:

One way friendship from sadcringe

2. And Jamie, whose gift ended up here:

Must’ve wanted a different game from sadcringe

3. This boyfriend, who tried:

I cooked dinner for my gf last night and thought I did a good job, until we were watching videos on her phone and a text from her mum popped up that said “I’m sure he tried his best, just eat it”...

Twitter: @E_StewartLittle

4. This (not actually) best friend:

I was 10 when my teacher asked us to write a short story about our best friend. I looked at mine and smiled. I then wrote everything I knew about him. Once we’re done the teacher asked for volunteers to read our story out loud. My best friend went first. I was not in his story.

Twitter: @ohhasha

5. This guy who answered the call from a girl looking for skinny arms, but didn't have it quite right:

Unlucky mate from sadcringe

6. And the fourth boy:

i was in my friends tiktok and some girl commented “omg the first three boys are so cute!” can you guess who the fourth boy is

Twitter: @ik2onmovies

7. Everyone involved in this misunderstanding:

Well that one hurt from sadcringe

8. Whoever sent this to Abby:

A short story from sadcringe

9. Troy, whose life isn't quite going as he hoped:

So I had a wedding in my Calendar for this Saturday and I was very stressed out because I didn’t know whose it was and I was afraid I was going to miss it. Then I realized that it was part of my 20 year plan and I set it like 5 years ago. It’s my wedding, I’m missing my wedding.

Twitter: @thunt59

10. And poor Gary:

Sheesh from sadcringe

11. Whoever made this promposal:

Oof from sadcringe

12. And this guy who was literally just trying to do his schoolwork:

i literally uploaded an image of myself to imgur for a computer science project and it got 11 downvotes and someone calling me ugly what the fuck lmao

Twitter: @LittleUppieYT

13. Everyone associated with this band (except for the guitarist, I guess):

Fs in the chat from sadcringe

14. Whoever organized this speed dating event:

No one showed up to the speeding dating event from sadcringe

15. And whoever threw this party:

No one came to his party from sadcringe

16. This family member, who is at least "liked":

Savage from sadcringe

17. And this person, who probably regrets sending this text:

That feeling is contagious from sadcringe


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