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33 SOOOOOOOO Sad And Cringey Things That Happened To People

Wow, these are uh...just wow.

1. This pregnant woman, who was in labor while her husband played video games in her hospital room:

u/bubbytherocket / Via

2. This guy, who almost certainly isn't going out with "that girl from Algebra" tomorrow night:

Sheeeeesh, just say no from sadcringe

3. This grandpa, who tried to send Willie Nelson a CD of songs he recorded and it got returned:

The time my grandpa tried to mail Willie Nelson a CD he recorded and it got returned. I feel bad for him... from sadcringe

4. Sai, who tried to apologize to Ariana by buying her dinner but uh...:

42 dollars... from sadcringe

5. This friend, who 100% regretted this silly response:

Don't you know about the bird? Everybody's talking about the bird. from sadcringe

6. This hungry person, whose offhand response unintentionally hurt their Grubhub driver's feelings:

Bruh Moment from sadcringe

7. This father and daughter, whose photo the Washington Capitals thought was a face swap:

‘But thanks’ from sadcringe

(Of course, someone then went ahead and made it an actual face swap, lol):

Here you go guys. @Emily_Longtin @Capitals #CapsSocialNight

Twitter: @alexwarneke

8. This "not-quite-getting-it" person, who sent this to someone who was ignoring them on Snapchat:

This was painful to read from sadcringe

9. This former WWE wrestler, who polled his fans where he should make a comeback and they told him to stay retired:

Former WWE wrestler asks us to not vote 'Retire' as a joke (again)... from sadcringe

10. And this channel, which asked a question they probably wish they hadn't:

This channel that always asked stuff like this and never gets positive responses. from sadcringe

11. Camryn, who told Cole he had the wrong number, then had to do a group project with him a year later:

:( from sadcringe

12. This guy who got called out for photoshopping himself into a photo with blockchain platform founder Charles Hoskinson:

a bit too brutal imop from sadcringe

13. This coworker, whose April Fool's Day joke totally backfired:

Friend of mine didn't get the reaction he hoped for. from sadcringe

14. This YouTuber, whose latest videos tell an unfortunate tale:

The ASMR community is wild from sadcringe

15. This app...just this app:

Facebook never disappoints. from sadcringe

16. This friend, who had an unfortunate trip to the Salvation Army:

One way friendship from sadcringe

17. This girlfriend's ex, who hopefully doesn't come across this in the secondhand store:

Found for sale at a second hand store. from sadcringe

18. And Jamie, whose gift ended up here:

Must’ve wanted a different game from sadcringe

19. This boyfriend, who tried:

I cooked dinner for my gf last night and thought I did a good job, until we were watching videos on her phone and a text from her mum popped up that said “I’m sure he tried his best, just eat it”...

Twitter: @E_StewartLittle

20. This (not actually) best friend:

I was 10 when my teacher asked us to write a short story about our best friend. I looked at mine and smiled. I then wrote everything I knew about him. Once we’re done the teacher asked for volunteers to read our story out loud. My best friend went first. I was not in his story.

Twitter: @ohhasha

21. This guy who answered the call from a girl looking for skinny arms, but didn't have it quite right:

Unlucky mate from sadcringe

22. And the fourth boy:

i was in my friends tiktok and some girl commented “omg the first three boys are so cute!” can you guess who the fourth boy is

Twitter: @ik2onmovies

23. Everyone involved in this misunderstanding:

Well that one hurt from sadcringe

24. Whoever sent this to Abby:

A short story from sadcringe

25. Troy, whose life isn't quite going as he hoped:

So I had a wedding in my Calendar for this Saturday and I was very stressed out because I didn’t know whose it was and I was afraid I was going to miss it. Then I realized that it was part of my 20 year plan and I set it like 5 years ago. It’s my wedding, I’m missing my wedding.

Twitter: @thunt59

26. And poor Gary:

Sheesh from sadcringe

27. Whoever made this promposal:

Oof from sadcringe

28. And this guy who was literally just trying to do his schoolwork:

i literally uploaded an image of myself to imgur for a computer science project and it got 11 downvotes and someone calling me ugly what the fuck lmao

Twitter: @LittleUppieYT

29. Everyone associated with this band (except for the guitarist, I guess):

Fs in the chat from sadcringe

30. Whoever organized this speed-dating event:

No one showed up to the speeding dating event from sadcringe

31. And whoever threw this party:

No one came to his party from sadcringe

32. This family member, who is at least "liked":

Savage from sadcringe

33. And this person, who walked right into this one:

That feeling is contagious from sadcringe

H/T: r/sadcringe

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