29 Photos That Deliver More Secondhand Embarrassment Than Anyone Needs

    If these people don't feel bad, well, they should.

    1. This guy who — ugh —  messaged his daughter's "good looking pal" on her birthday:

    2. This cousin who started a diet and immediately got preachy in the most obnoxious way possible:

    3. And this jealous boyfriend (please read down to the "reveals teeth, showing 4 big fangs" bit, lol):

    4. This fan who tried to sneak a pic of Chloë Grace Moretz and the flash went off:

    5. And this fan who tried to sneak a selfie with Rihanna:

    6. Since we just had two awkward fans in a row, here's a celeb that's at least 50% responsible for this cringe:

    7. This _playa _who was going to use his (incredibly tired) pickup line come hell or high water:

    8. This fourth-grade teacher who had to do some very awkward cleanup after assigning students to google photos of the word of the day, which was...torture:

    9. This person in a relationship who needed less than 20 words to hit DEFCON 1 levels of cringe:

    10. And this couple that couldn't have found a more cringey way to announce their pregnancy:

    11. Wait, scratch that. This couple's announcement was definitely worse:

    12. This embarrassing friend who could have just said they couldn't make the hike:

    13. This daughter who actually used her mother's death to help her MLM business:

    14. And this MLM mastermind who sent this Facebook message without remembering to fill in the template:

    15. These workers who brought binoculars to the beach house they were working on so they could check out the beachgoers:

    Of course, with a shirt like that...

    16. This casa-nope-a who accidentally sent the same come on to 39 women in a group chat:

    17. And this guy (maybe the same guy, lol?) who actually purchased this sweatshirt and wore it in public where other humans could see it:

    18. This woman who made a whole thing out of her son's ex unfollowing her:

    19. And this guitarist who looks really authentic except for, well, check out the comment:

    20. And this couple that only meant to announce they were getting engaged, and probably really wished they'd cropped out the bottom left of this photo:

    21. This "normal guy" who also surely wishes he'd done a little cropping:

    22. This friend who learned that just when you think things are as cringey as they can get, there's always cringier:

    23. This social media manager who wished John Lennon a happy birthday on Dec. 8, which was, uh, definitely not his birthday:

    24. And Maddie, who learned the hard (and very cringey) way that sometimes "beef" just means "beef":

    25. Adam, who actually DOESN'T know the difference between Ireland and Spain:

    26. This guy who learned she's not THAT bored:

    27. This comic genius (in his own mind):

    28. This college kid with the cringiest autocorrect (it was totally autocorrect, lol):

    29. And this person who needs to calm down: