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    16 Times People Made A Hilariously Bad Decision And Lived To Regret It

    "What could go wrong?"

    Decisions! Considering how many we make each day, it's a miracle more of them don't turn out worse than they do.

    But let's be real — a lot of them DO turn out terribly! Here are some poor souls who 100% wish they could take back some really bad decisions:

    1. This cat owner who decided to DIY a kitty door:

    A cat door installed on the wrong end of the door

    2. This baker who decided to toss a botched mix into the trash — without realizing the yeast in it was still going to do its thing in a major way:

    A dumpster overflowing with dough

    3. And these guys who decided to take a "We did it!" photo of the crispy rice they'd spent all afternoon making:

    4. This griller who decided to throw away hot charcoal in their trash can:

    A trash can with a hole burned into the side

    5. This adult who decided to play on the playground:

    A man stuck between the bars of a playground toy

    6. This dog owner who decided to let their pup out immediately after mowing the lawn:

    A dog covered in lawn shavings

    7. And this dog owner who decided to leave their not yet potty-trained puppy alone with the Roomba:

    A Roomba with dog poop inside it

    8. This person who decided to get the same tattoo that his dog had without realizing the tattoo was there to indicate his dog had been neutered:

    Identical tattoos on a man and a dog

    9. And while we're talking about doggos — this pupper's owner who decided to put their $300 headphones within paw's reach:

    A dog and chewed-up headphones

    10. This person who decided to put an unsecured bottle of Parmesan cheese in their computer bag:

    A computer with cheese in the USB ports

    11. This driver who decided it'd be cool to put this blood sticker on their car:

    Police surround a car with a decal of blood splatters on the side

    12. This person who decided to leave a Slip 'N Slide in the backyard for a couple days before picking it up:

    A lawn with a long strip of destroyed grass

    13. This kid who decided to take a nap on the bus ride home:

    A parking lot full of buses

    14. This parent who decided to let their kid carry the syrup to the table:

    A child holding an empty syrup bottle and looking at syrup on the floor

    15. This cook who decided to drain the deep fryer into a plastic bucket:

    A melted bucket with grease seeping out of it and all over the kitchen floor

    16. And this person who decided to leave their beauty mirror on the windowsill:

    A blackened mirror on a windowsill and a burnt shelf

    H/T: r/Whatcouldgowrong and r/Wellthatsucks