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    27 People Who Moved Into New Homes And Found Something Super Creepy

    They thought they knew where they were moving, but they had no idea.

    Moving into a new home is supposed to be an exciting time.

    But sometimes that new home has secrets...secrets that you really, really wish you never learned.

    What kind of secrets, you ask? Well, here are some that new homeowners discovered IRL, and god help them:

    1. This person discovered a hidden door in the basement that the previous owner had blocked off with an upended shelf:

    2. And this person explored their new basement, only to find this...tightly sealed:

    3. Of course, basements aren't the only places creepy discoveries can be made — exploring the attic can be every bit as regrettable:

    4. I don't know about you, but if I opened my new attic and found a battered cymbal-banging monkey just sitting there all by itself, I'd be forced to burn the home to the ground:

    5. This person had an equally unsettling first trip into their new attic:

    6. And this person found a disturbing Polaroid photo that asked, "DO YOU SEE HIM?":

    7. This person found out their new home had a bunker below, so they squeezed their phone down through a crack and snapped a photo...which they definitely wished they hadn't:

    8. This person discovered a creepy corner of their new place filled with knives of all shapes and sizes:

    9. This person was checking out a bedroom in their new home when they spotted the faintest of writing on the wall:

    I'm under the bed.

    10. These people discovered something even more sinister written above a bedroom door:

    It never stops.

    11. And — perhaps most unsettling of all — this person discovered "The End" painted on the top step of their new basement stairs:

    12. These people discovered a secret room hidden under the stairs that just feels so ominous:

    13. This person's new home came with telltale signs of the previous owner's end:

    14. And this person found this painting behind the washer and dryer in their new home, and it feels like the start of a horror film, doesn't it?

    15. This person went underground and found a locked door leading away from the basement:

    16. And this person found an even more foreboding locked door in their basement, and I'd probably pee myself if I came across this, even without the black cat there:

    17. This person found a very large and heavy padlocked box that had been left behind for some reason (and I pray they never give in to their curiosity and try to learn why):

    18. This person moved into a new place that had this creepy handprint on the basement door:

    19. This person found this creepy-ass doll in a basement, and I'd rather tangle with Annabelle AND Chucky than this thing any day of the week:

    20. This person bought a home to renovate and probably wished they hadn't after discovering this in the basement bathroom:

    21. This person found an old, weathered, and very creepy Ouija board in their new basement:

    22. These people moved into a new home and found a not-at-all-suspicious locked safe hidden in the floor:

    23. This person cut into the wall of their home and — what? — found a hidden bathroom:

    24. And this person found a secret door in their room, and they're probably better off not wondering too hard what it was for:

    25. This person found a recorder and cassettes hidden in a power box that a (suspicious and creepy) previous owner had used to illicitly record his wife's phone conversations:

    26. This person — oh boy — found an actual tattoo that had been removed from someone's arm a century ago and preserved with cotton in an envelope:

    27. And this person came across a small hidden room under their house that contained this very disturbing letter that says — among other things — "Human kind has been diverted onto a darker path and you must assist in arresting this regression":

    Hey, look, everybody! It's exclusive footage of us if we were in any of these houses: