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    17 Pop Culture Crafts That Are As Amazing As The Shows That Inspired Them

    Sees a movie, makes a masterpiece.

    1. This amazing doll of Dani from Midsommar:

    ilovesheep123 / Via

    2. This bathing suit that fans of Stranger Things will recognize:

    Hand sewed this Stranger Things swimsuit from 2 men’s thrift store pollos from crafts

    3. This adorable, crocheted blanket featuring Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy:

    My mum, 65, crochets to keep her mind active. This is her latest creation. from crafts

    4. And this Anna from Frozen cosplay entirely made out of crochet:

    I made a princess Anna cosplay entirely out of crochet! from crafts

    5. This depiction of Homer backing into the bushes done with French knots:

    Finally finished Homer descending into french knots! from crafts

    6. And this other depiction of Homer backing into the bushes that comes in three images:

    Homer fades into a cluster of French knots. from crafts

    7. This mosaic of everyone's favorite Halloween/Christmas hybrid, The Nightmare Before Christmas:

    My wife's Nightmare Before Christmas Mosaic. from crafts

    8. This detailed world of Beetlejuice done in miniature:

    I finished my Beetlejuice ‘Polly Pocket’ set! Thank you all for your suggestions, I made a few changes and I’m much happier with it now! On to the next one, think I’ll do Simpson’s next 😊 from crafts

    9. This Coraline-inspired doll an artist made of herself:

    I made a "little me" inspired by the movie Coraline from crafts

    10. This impressive painting of Shrek on an unusual canvas:

    Told my boyfriend I was painting flowers. I was, in fact, painting shrek from crafts

    11. This hand-knit Baby Yoda that is too cute:

    Tried to make a little thing :) from crafts

    12. And this ceramic Baby Yoda that's just as cute:

    My level 1 student made this for a class assignment. He doesn’t think it’s very good. from crafts

    13. This portrait of Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants made out of beads:

    I’ve been teaching myself how to bead during isolation. My first finished piece! An ode to my childhood from crafts

    14. This stunning Moana statue made out of polymer clay:

    My Moana. Colored polymer clay. Have you seen Moana? If not, I highly recommend it! :) from crafts

    15. This Lord of the Rings–themed messenger bag:

    Lord of the rings messenger bag I just finished! from crafts

    16. This epic quilt of Dumbledore using fabric scraps:

    I made this Dumbledore art quilt using scraps from my fabric stash. 48”x64” from crafts

    17. And this Game of Thrones (make that hormones) throne made out of discarded IVF medications:

    Needle art - I’m currently going through IVF. This is what my husband made me using my discarded meds. GOT me laughing. from crafts

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