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Chrissy Teigen Made An Actual Menu For Her Picky Eating Toddler And It's Hilariously Real

Getting a toddler to eat is maddening no matter who you are.

Every parent knows that feeding a toddler = a drama and a half.

Well, it seems that not even Chrissy Teigen can escape the food-related whims of a toddler. In fact, it looks like trying to get her 2 and a half year old daughter, Luna, to eat has seriously tested her.

How at wit's end is Chrissy? She made a literal restaurant-style menu for Luna to flip through at home.

I made a restaurant for my 2 and a half year old

Chrissy introduces the video saying, "I have a problem."

So what are Luna's options at, shall we say, Cafe Chrissy? Well, there are Ham and Cheese "Lunables":

(Before we continue with the menu items can we stop to appreciate that Chrissy even INCLUDED PRICES? 😂)

There's also Cereal with Bananas:

That toddler classic, Grilled Cheese:

Of course, a Cheese Quesadilla:

Crispy Fish Sticks:

Chicken Tenders:

And Chicken Spaghetti:

People were impressed:

And it wasn't just parents:

Someone even asked about the prices (it turns out they were all part of Chrissy's plan):

But the real question is...does it work?

Let us know, Chrissy, OK? LET US KNOW!