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23 Amazing Things You Get To Relive Through Your Kids

It's the closest you'll ever come to being a kid again.

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1. Disneyland

Flickr: philms / Via Creative Commons

Sure, you've probably gone as an adult, but going with your kid takes you back to a time when "It's a Small World" wasn't a building filled with animatronic dolls, but a magical trip around the entire world.


5. Bugs

Flickr: rain0975 / Via Creative Commons

Most adults think of bugs as disgusting pests, but they're actually some of the most amazing creatures on earth (the dung beetle, for example, can pull 1,141 times its body weight). Admiring them once again alongside your kid is pretty cool.

6. Halloween

Flickr: sponselli / Via Creative Commons

Kids take you back to a time when Halloween wasn't about dressing sexy or finding a cool party, but acquiring as much candy as humanly possible (in an amazing costume, of course).


11. Animals

Kids love animals. You probably do, too, but when was the last time you read a book about one, or went to the zoo and got as close as possible to your favorite exotic creature? If it's been a while, kids will change that.


13. Imagination

If a kid imagines the floor to be made out of lava, in their eyes, it is. Most adults have lost the ability to lose themselves so deeply in pretend, but you come pretty close when you're playing alongside your kid.


20. Inquisitiveness

sarra22 / Via

The constant "why's" out of your kid's mouth can be tiresome, but they also make you see the wonder and mystery in the world that you've become desensitized to. Why is the sky blue?


21. Puppy love

Love can be amazing when we're adults, but it's usually more measured and realistic than when we were younger. That's a good thing for the most part, but seeing the innocence of your kid's first crush will make you nostalgic for yours, too.

22. Ice cream

Flickr: jordan_n22 / Via Creative Commons

With kids you get to once again experience ice cream as it's meant to be experienced — with 100% pure abandon, not caring if it ends up all over your face, clothes, and shoes.