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35 Incredibly Cool Charts About Cooking And Food That Will Make You So Much Smarter

Reading this is like taking a cooking course in a five minutes.

1. Ever wonder what the exact differences are between the ways you can cook a steak? This chart's for you:

2. And this chart explains the cooking differences for burgers:

3. Never wonder, "Wait...do I put the veggies in the water before or after I boil it?" ever again:

4. Make box cake taste like it was baked by the fanciest bakery in town with these easy tips:

5. Here's the ultimate chart for understanding apples:

6. And here's a chart that takes the mystery out of knowing which onion to use:

7. This chart shows you the most popular sandwich in every US state, from Alabama (pulled chicken with white sauce) to Wyoming (trout sandwich):

8. And this chart shows you the most popular sandwiches around the world:

9. This chart tells you which tea to drink in every situation:

10. And this chart takes the mystery out of coffee:

11. This chart makes buying sliced meat a cinch:

12. This one explains how to slice limes to get the most juice out if it (and spoiler...most of us are doing it wrong):

13. This chart explaining when you should eat a banana has made me rethink my whole life (or at least when I eat bananas):

14. Ever wonder what afternoon tea is like? This chart breaks it down:

15. This chart shows you how to pick the best watermelon possible at the store:

16. Confused — like me — by "macaroon" and "macaron"? This chart clears it up (and yes, they're different):

17. This chart will make you so much more informed about which yogurt you should buy:

18. This "easy spice combo" chart will seriously up your cooking game:

19. This trick for measuring out rice and water is a game changer:

20. This chart teaches you how to make chocolate chip cookies EXACTLY the way you like them:

21. And this chart shows you what chocolate chip cookies look like when you screw them up...in a variety of ways:

22. This chart explains the differences between the world's most popular cheesecakes:

23. And this chart explains all the differences between various fruits in jars (and I admit I had no idea):

24. This cheese melting guide is key to look at before you make your next dip or sauce:

25. This is just kind of interesting — here's how to know what state your milk is from:

26. And this chart shows you where common foods are grown in the United States:

27. Here's one more "that's interesting" chart...it explains how six common veggies all come from a single plant:

28. If you love vertical street meats, this chart explains the differences between each:

29. Now you can speak food fluently on both sides of the pond:

30. This chart is like a bucket list of fruit to try before you die:

31. This chart shows why you should consider Nutella — delicious as it may be — a dessert treat and not a healthy snack:

32. This chart will basically make you a wine expert:

33. And — lol — this chart tells you how to perfectly pair wine and donuts:

34. This is what a strawberry looks like throughout its life cycle, and, wow, I did not know it looked like a flower at one point:

35. And finally, if you ever are lost in nature and need to eat a plant, this chart just might save your life: