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    19 "Can't Unsee" Photos I Regret Looking At — Just Kidding, I Regret Nothing

    Do you see it now?

    1. Ever stop to think about how big an anime character's eyeball actually is?

    Can't Unsee from funny

    2. Or where Popeye's pipe is?

    I can't unsee it now from funny

    3. Ever notice helmet straps kind of look like underwear?

    My wifed asked why he's wearing underpants on his chin. Can't unsee. from funny

    4. Or that this emoji looks like someone sneezing?

    No thank you. from CantUnsee

    5. And then there’s this famous image of Beethoven...ever notice he looks like a waiter trying to take someone’s order?

    So I saw this on a rendition of Beethoven's Ninth, and I can't unsee it. from lingling40hrs

    6. Be glad this isn't your house, because if it was, you wouldn't be able to unsee olives.

    My neighbor told me that my house looks like it’s made out of olives and now I can’t unsee it. from funny

    7. If this was your husband, you wouldn't be able to unsee Hopper from A Bug's Life.

    Wife said I look like Hopper. I can’t unsee it. from funny

    8. And if this was on your wall, you wouldn't be able to unsee the Cookie Monster.

    Once you see Cookie Monster, you can’t unsee it. from funny

    9. Do you see Baby Yoda?

    A family friend took this picture while on vacation and I can't unsee Baby Yoda! from BabyYoda

    10. Or the Colonel's tiny body?

    Can’t unsee this from mildlyinfuriating

    11. Or the lower half of a Lego man here in Paris?

    I can’t unsee it now😂 from lego

    12. And while we're talking about Europe, do you see Patrick in the map of Venice?

    can’t unsee it now from memes

    13. Sorry to do this to you, Animal Crossing fans.

    I can't unsee it from gaming

    14. And sorry to do this to you, Marvel fans.

    Now I can't unsee this from marvelmemes

    15. If you or someone you know has this jacket, well, get used to seeing the penis.

    You can’t unsee it from memes

    16. Also, get used to seeing a pooping man, folks in colder climates.

    🤯 from CantUnsee

    17. Shall we ruin the alphabet now? Let's start with "A."

    The alphabet is now ruined for me from CantUnsee

    18. And here we ruin "G."

    GGGGGGGG from CantUnsee

    19. Lastly, for a bit of a palette cleanser, here's an adorable cat...just an adorable cat.

    I can’t unsee him as the shape of a drumstick with ears. from cats

    Just kidding — if you look again, you won't be able to unsee the cat as a drumstick.



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