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    15 Hilariously Literal Bakers Who Should Not Be Allowed To Write On Cakes

    Be careful what you ask for.

    1. This cake maker who really thought this was what the customer wanted on top:

    Yup dad! You had to order cake online just this time ... from onejob

    2. And this cake maker who didn't stop to think what "Candles, knife" might've meant:

    "You sure client wanted it that way?" from cakefails

    3. This cake maker who heard the request to put "a Dallas Cowboy star" on top and did this:

    Friend on Facebook asked for a cake with “a Dallas Cowboy star and Happy Birthday Travis” from onejob

    4. And this cake maker who, when asked to make two cakes and to "write congrats on them," did exactly as told:

    “Write congrats on them” ( two cakes ) from onejob

    5. This cake maker who wrote out the instructions exactly as they were written:

    Friend sent my mom a cake; she even typed the instructions with quotations and everything! from onejob

    6. This cake maker who — after being sent a photo of what the customer wanted — just put the photo on top:

    Jewel cake designer took the entire photo and put it on the cake. from onejob

    7. And this cake maker who must be related to the last one because...:

    They asked us to send a picture OF our desired ice cream cake, what we got was the picture ON a cake. My daughter's birthday has gone meta. from onejob

    8. Wait! We found one more relative of this very literal cake-making family:

    It's my daughter's birthday.. Can you make a cake look like a switch? Here, I'll take a picture for you for reference. from cakefails

    9. This cake maker who asked "What do you want on top?" and then wrote down EXACTLY what the customer said:

    What do you want your cake theme to be? from onejob

    10. This cake maker who, when their customer said they had a birthday emergency and needed a cake pronto, did this:

    Birthday Emergency! Pretty sure they misunderstood this last minute request. from cakefails

    11. This cake maker who included the delivery time on top:

    Ordered a cake, they wrote delivery time on it from Wellthatsucks

    12. This cake maker who heard "It's for Cathy with a C" and...oh boy:

    Did they even think? from onejob

    13. This cake maker who thought they heard a customer say "camp for free" and did not question what the heck that might mean:

    Don't order cakes over the phone. Was supposed to say "Cancer free," to celebrate my mother-in-law's last day of radiation treatment. from onejob

    14. This cake maker who saw "Josh" on the order form and so they wrote "Josh" gosh darn it:

    This was the cake Whole Foods gave us for my dads 50th birthday last year from onejob

    15. And this cake maker who I really, really hope is in on the joke:

    Frosted the cake, boss from onejob