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    27 Hilarious Breakup Tweets From People Who Are 100% Over It

    My ex: "I want you back." Me: "My mom said no."

    Break-ups can be hard, but thankfully things eventually start getting a little less hard and start getting a whole lot funnier.

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    Here are some hilarious people worth following on Twitter who are 100% in the "it's funny" phase of things:


    Grandma said “look” and she had cut my ex out of old pics

    Twitter: @AtsukoComedy


    I would like to congratulate my ex's new wife on giving up orgasms


    My ex left a ziploc bag of banana laffy taffy on my door step with a note that says "I know you always said I didn't listen to you but I still remember your favorite laffy taffy flavor". My favorite laffy taffy flavor is strawberry.

    Twitter: @Flanjam


    Twitter: @lauren_lablue


    I used to hate it so much when my ex would text me constantly but as it turns out I actually do like talking to someone 24/7 I just really didn’t like him

    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    my ex left me a long ass voicemail so now it’s only right i become a soundcloud rapper & use it for the intro of my mixtape

    Twitter: @oxojesss



    My ex said his new girlfriend was scrolling through Facebook & saw one of my tweets. She showed it to him because it made her laugh. Now he has to live with the knowledge that she thinks I'm funny even though he never thought I was. I feel so powerful right now.


    I have a soft spot for dogs that’s probably why I stayed so long with my ex

    Twitter: @Annabllebitch


    Me: well you cheated on me My ex (crying): but I haven’t had sex with anyone since we broke up


    My ex: wyd? Me: everything you accused me of.. this shit lit 😂


    call my ex a car loan the way she had 0% interest in me for 36 months

    Twitter: @chunkyfila


    met the girl my ex has been dating for the last 8 months and texted him “it was so nice meeting your new girlfriend!” and he replied “idk if i would call her my ‘girlfriend.’” and i think it is beautiful that people absolutely never change.


    My ex is legit wearing a whole entire outfit purchased by me in his “engagement photos” ...I have to laugh


    being my ex is not a flex. The fact that you HAD me and you lost me is embarrassing.

    Twitter: @stunnagrll


    I saw my Ex liking a native doctor's page who brings back lost lovers in 24hrs. Guys please pray for me, I don't want to go back😥😥


    i may be depressed, but at least i don’t miss my ex

    Twitter: @AnnabelGeez


    Whoever is sleeping with my ex needs to do better because he’s still texting me lol


    My ex asked if I have a boyfriend, saying my daughter keeps talking about 'Jerome'. Jerome is our roomba.

    Twitter: @AubriePesky


    What is this, my ex boyfriend’s house????

    Twitter: @meanunclejack


    Twitter: @VENUSlNARlES


    remembering when I said to my ex “it’s not fair to compare yourself to bojack horseman, he’s shown personal growth”


    Sat the family down to watch a video and been treated to my ex on the advert... Emily, we watched the whole thing enjoy your adsense x


    it's funny how we all sleep differently. i sleep on my side my roommate sleeps on her back and my ex sleeps with everybody.... LMFAOO



    my ex: i want you back. me: my mom said no.


    Am I the only one who don't be thinking about my ex AT ALL???

    All of these people:

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