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16 Neighbors From Hell Who Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

They make people from miles away want to move.

1. The neighbor whose archery practice sometimes — sigh — leaves their yard:

u/solarmatter / Via

2. The neighbor who parks their RV like this for months at a time:

mela_beautrix / Via

3. The neighbor who parks with their ladder like this:

4. And the neighbor who is above parking their fancy car on the street:

bennygani / Via

5. The neighbor who likes to snap photos through the window of the home next door:

simonyates88 / Via

6. The dog owner who let their dog poop on their neighbor's lawn so much this happened:

7. Also the piece of work who — after their dog attacked their neighbor's dog — grudgingly agreed to pay for their neighbor's vet bills...with pennies:

u/dreampopper / Via

8. The neighbor who keeps putting out duck food so the neighborhood is now overrun by quackers:

u/angelpanik / Via

9. The neighbor who was playing music so loud at midnight that the people next door could use their phones to detect what song they were listening to:

u/terminator_rex / Via

10. The smoker who tosses their buds out the window creating this lovely view for the other residents of the apartment:

pstar7 / Via

11. The neighbor who literally texted this:

neighborsfromhell / Via

12. And the neighbor who put this note on the car of someone who a) parked on the street and b) lives on the street:

u/cabitasian / Via

13. The neighbor who, uh, forgot something in the communal washer:

neighborsfromhell / Via

14. The neighbor whose front yard depreciates home values for miles and miles:

u/7milesbelow / Via

15. The neighbor who rigged this eyesore to make their air conditioner work better:

xtina_delatte / Via

16. And the neighbor who — Lord above give me strength — dropped a deuce down someone's chimney:

neighborsfromhell / Via