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    24 Baby Products Every Music Loving Parent Needs

    Your baby was born to rock.

    1. Pick out a stageworthy name for your bundle of joy with this name book.

    2. Announce your baby's birth in the style of a vintage concert poster.

    3. Use kick drums to hold diapers and other supplies.

    4. Old guitars can be turned into awesome shelves, too.

    5. Some kids have animals hanging from their mobile, but yours will have guitars, picks, and amps.

    6. This Ramones inspired mobile is pretty perfect, too.

    7. Your baby will make wearing a bib an act of rebellion.

    8. Onesies are another opportunity for your baby to show off how much they rock.

    9. Can't find a onesie with your favorite band on it? DIY one!

    10. There are also cute onesies that put a funny twist on famous band names.

    11. Let your baby rock their socks off.

    12. These lullabies are a little grungier than the rest.

    13. The soundtracks of Yo Gabba Gabba are the only children's music your baby will need.

    14. Read your baby a children's book that sprung from the mind of a Beatle.

    15. Of course, if you're more of a Rolling Stones fan you'll need this one.

    16. There's no other way to separate your baby's clothes, really.

    17. Add a little rock and roll to the classic nursery hook.

    18. Speaking of guitars, they make great decoration in a nursery, especially if they have a kid's twist.

    19. Rocking robots? You know your baby will approve.

    20. This pacifier will let your baby shred even when they're being quiet.

    21. A piggy bank that looks like The King Of Rock is perfect for your little rocker.

    22. These noise canceling headphones are perfect for your baby's first rock show.

    23. "Sweet dreams are made of these..." rocking baby bedding sets.

    24. Lastly, every rocker baby needs a guitar pedal nightlight.