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    29 Baby Names People Hate, And Their Reasoning Is Half Salty, Half Hilarious

    These opinions are not for the easily offended.

    Having a baby is a beautiful thing, but let's be real — being a parent is stressful. And one of the first stressful things you have to do is come up with a name for them!

    A baby with a blank hello my name is sticker on their shirt
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    Like, whatever you choose will be the name your kid is stuck with for the next 80 or 90-plus years! They will hear it said tens of thousands of times! So you better pick something good!

    A baby boy
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    Recently, after BabyCenter released its top baby names of 2021, BuzzFeed asked its readers on Facebook, "If you were having a child, what would you NOT name them?"


    The question received over 24,000 responses (as of this writing), and they were hilarious, thoughtful, and sometimes a little salty (OK, a lot salty). Here were some of the most liked responses:

    1. "Chase. I absolutely LOVE the name but not with my last name."

    Her last name is fetcho

    —Jennifer Jean Fetcho, Facebook

    2. "Paisleigh, Everleigh, Kayleigh, Ashleigh... Basically any name that ends in “leigh” is a true tragedeigh 🤦🏼‍♀️"

    —Erica Miranda, Facebook

    3. "Nothing with leigh/lygh/dyn/yn at the end. You might as well name the kid 'Live, Laugh, Love' at that point."

    —Meredith Myers, Facebook

    4. "Bertha."

    The Reading Room/ Alamy Stock Photo

    —Amy Urbanski Mrozielski, Facebook

    "Who looks at a baby and says, 'Awwww, look at my little BERTHA!'"

    —Ebony M. Mattox, Facebook 

    "My name is Berthia, and I make it my life’s mission to make sure NO ONE ever calls me Bertha and gets away with it."

    —Berthia Nsiah, Facebook 

    "Every poor Bertha will be called Big Bertha. Not a good name."

    —Michael Smith, Facebook

    5. "We rejected 'Tucker' because 'Tucker, Tucker bo bucker, banana fana, fo fu…” we were in our 30s. 😂😂"

    —Erin Walter, Facebook

    6. "Karen. And yes, my name is Karen."

    Discovery / Via

    —Karen Mielens Bird, Facebook

    7. "Any misspelled name in an attempt to be original."

    —Tanya Heckhaus, Facebook

    "My sister met a lady who instead of naming her child Lincoln named him Linkon."

    —Melissa Grove, Facebook 

    8. "Prince, Princess, King, Queen...or Heiress."

    A princess

    —Tylah Stevens, Facebook

    9. "David. I’m a teacher (was at an all-boys school for 10 years) and have never met a student named David that was not a major behavior issue."

    —Kori Karamanoogian, Facebook

    10. "Whatever the hell Elon Musk named his kid."

    Elon musk
    Pool / Getty Images

    —Lynn Wages, Facebook

    11. "I saw someone comment, 'I’ll bring Kynzlee over trick-or-treating,' and I thought that was pretty atrocious. Also, I’m a substitute teacher, and I’ve never met a well-behaved Damien."

    —Chelsea Barnett, Facebook

    12. "Braxton. It's an OK name, but I don't want to think about contractions every time I think about my kid."


    —Clare Andrews, Facebook

    13. "Ethel, Norbert, and any name of anybody I don't like or that was a dick to me in high school. Talking to you, Mary Delgado."

    —Angela Lynne Funnell-Keck

    14. "Donald."

    —various, Facebook

    15. "NOT Abcde. Saw a story about a mom complaining that an airport worker laughed when reading her daughter’s name. 🤷‍♀️"

    —Marília Campos, Facebook

    "I had a student with the Abcde spelling. I had to google how to pronounce it, and she confirmed that it is 'Ab-sid-ee.'" 

    —Dana Marie, Facebook

    16. "So, with my first child, I wanted the boy’s name to be William; my husband then pointed out to me his name would be Willy Gothard (Got-hard). That name got put in the bin straight away."

    CBC / Via

    —Briony Gothard, Facebook

    17. "Aiden, Brayden, Hayden, Jayden. Okayden."

    —Bri Sainz, Facebook

    "ANYTHING rhyming with Aiden. You can do almost the whole alphabet. I've seen Aiden, Brayden, Cayden, Drayden, Grayden, Hayden, Jayden, Kayden, Rayden, Shayden, Treyden, Zayden. Spent 15 years in healthcare, and these names came across my desk NONSTOP."

    —Alis Marie, Facebook

    18. "Nevaeh 😬. Those people can’t wait to tell you it’s heaven spelled backwards, LMAO."

    A photo of heaven

    —Tarah Gaines, Facebook

    19. "Sophia and Olivia. No offense to anyone, but I can't stand them, LOL. Also, my own name — too many Ashleys in the world."

    —Ashley Pesek, Facebook

    20. "Olivia or Liam. As a teacher, I will never understand why people name their kids the most popular name around. Both great names, but way too common."

    Olivia Rodrigo
    Jmenternational / JMEnternational for BRIT Awards / Getty Images

    —Kara Cordova, Facebook

    21. "I did some research on this for my first book, and these are some GENUINELY officially registered baby names during the 2000s…Ninja Qwest, Vejonica, Sex Fruit, Phelony, Chairish, Uteraz, Yr Hyness, Horse Dick, and Anus Robocop. So, if for whatever reason you're not a fan of your own name...suck it up — you could have been called 'Robocop Horse Dick’ 😂."

    —Man vs Baby, Facebook

    22. "Michael, because of my last name."

    Her last name is Hunt, like Mike Hunt

    —Kristy Hunt, Facebook

    23. "SO MANY MICHAELS IN THIS WORLD! Too many!!!! Stop naming kids MICHAEL!"

    The text says the writer of this post is named Michael Spohr

    —Heather Keeton, Facebook

    24. "Chastity."

    —Katie Clark Mikulcik, Facebook

    "I’ll see your Chastity and raise you a Destiny."

    —Kary Seja, Facebook

    25. "Dixie. Look at my last name."


    —Jennifer Cupp, Facebook

    26. "Placenta. My former boss's wife's hospital roommate named her baby daughter that 🤣."

    —Patti Patricia Found Clark, Facebook

    27. "I couldn’t think of anything worse."

    Text of a woman's name reads Fanny schmeller

    —Brooke Louise, Facebook

    28. "Flynn. I already have a son called Flynn. It would be weird having two sons called Flynn."

    —Matt Higgins, Facebook

    And lastly, if this doesn't sum it all up:

    29. "You never know how many people you hate until you're thinking of names for your child."


    —Jason Brown, Facebook