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29 Babies Who Totally Nailed Their First Christmas Photo Shoot

Christmas has never been cuter.

1. This stocking stuffer:

2. And this one:

3. This sweetie:

4. This baby who is super excited for Christmas:

5. And this one who just wants to catch a few z's:

6. This little Santa:

7. And this one:

8. Plus this one:

9. And this pair of Santas:

10. This friendly snowman:

11. This dog lover:

12. And this cat lover:

13. This baby who ate Santa's cookies:

14. This baby dreaming of a new binky:

15. This baby in a bucket:

16. This reindeer:

17. This baby in a sled with her big sister:

18. This baby in a basket:

19. And this baby sleeping in one:

20. This smartly dressed little gent:

21. This adorable Christmas present:

22. And this baby who fell asleep among the presents:

23. This special delivery:

24. This baby in a sleigh:

25. This baby playing with the lights:

26. And this one dozing below their glow:

27. This cute little ornament:

28. This little Christmas troll:

29. And this baby who just couldn't stay up on Christmas Eve:

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