17 Very Bad Dogs Who Chewed Up Things They Should Have Left The Heck Alone

    All the chew toys in the world and they have to do this.

    1. Let's get straight to it — you can't leave anything important around your dog:

    2. If you do, you will regret it:

    my dog chewed all my lipsticks I’m gonna go cry now

    3. They don't care if you've spent months trying to finish a puzzle — they WILL chew up the last two pieces:

    4. They don't care how much you love your Yoshi Amiibo:

    5. Or even your Nintendo Switch:


    7. You like to sit down? "Too bad!" barks your dog:

    8. They don't care about your schedule, or if you have really important things to do:

    So my dog chewed up my passport and I’m supposed to go to London In 2 days.. FUCK!!!!!

    9. Some will feel guilt for what they've done:

    Greta: “I don’t know who chewed off the corners of the coffee table. Maybe the other dog did it.” Me: “You’re the only dog here.” Greta: “It was the other dog, for sure.” cc: @darth

    10. And some will even feel a LOT of guilt:

    bro.......I wanted to record terra’s reaction to me coming home..and.....look what this mf dog chewed up into atoms...😐😐😐

    11. But others will almost revel in their destruction:

    Not the first thing she’s chewed up, not the last. Here’s her with a copy of Don’t Shoot The Dog.

    12. And some — like Barney — are straight up monsters:

    Our amazing dog Bonnie died suddenly a few weeks ago and someone very sweetly made a little model of her and this weekend BARNEY FUCKING ATE IT

    13. What's that? Your retainer was expensive and took a couple trips to the dentist to make? Your dog DOESN'T CARE:

    14. Nothing is too expensive for their jaws of destruction:

    i’ve been trying to train my dog not to chew up sticks in the house and i think she’s finally learning today she chewed up jason’s $500 gucci sunglasses instead

    15. Some dogs will even destroy your career if you let them:

    No new video tomorrow. My dog chewed through the cable to my hard drive and shorted out the drive. My computer isn’t reading the drive at all. The video for tomorrow was my favorite video. I definitely can’t duplicate it. Feeling very fucking defeated


    16. And don't think they're just dogs, they don't know any better. They know. And they're messing with us.

    tell me how my dog chewed everything she could find in my room BUT the only thing she didnt chew was her obedience school certificate

    17. But you know what? When they look at you like this, how can you be (too) mad?

    My dog Daisy, whom I love very much, just ate a check from a foundation for $50k. Most awkward email I’ve had to send in a long time.

    So go ahead and love on your puppers, but never let them forget: